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  1. Found problem on docking port that opens at the bottom. No control from here. Very hard to dock. Would be nice to use custom containers instead of interstellar fuel switch.
  2. Looks great. But something tells me that it will be bad to fly when FAR installed. Actually It does not look very bad. You definitely need autopilot and precise speed control in FAR and Stock but it gonna make it to orbit.
  3. Ok, I see a great misunderstanding. Since KSP is runing on all platforms I'm using on a daily basis (Win10, Linux, OS X) that's why when I saw a mc I've started to search for specific application (probably issues with copying a directory structure). Usually I'm using unpack for just unpacking. And I believe I'm ok with console =))) Since It is fun to run something on OS not to be intended to run on I wandered if you compiled mono for System V or something.
  4. First of all great thanks for maintaining this package. Because it is a game changer in KSP. But my point was that your instructions was a bit confusing. By the way what flavor of unix do you using? Or you referring to OS X?
  5. I don't get why it is so specific to mc. Actually it could be run over WSL with any cind of X server implementation on Windows.
  6. Which type of regulator are you using to maintain angles? PID? Are the coefficients common for any type of regulator in MechJeb?
  7. I figured out what was the problem. Because there is no MechJeb for all mod was installed and MechJeb parts was missing (hidden). Actually I don't know why, but with Community Category Kit it showed up as other old Squad parts. So, it works fine. But I found two slight problems. First of all bi-elliptic transfer works not the way I expected just as Hohmans's transfer. And in A.S.S. there is oscillations around defined pitch angle in surface mod.
  8. Uhm. Sorry folks KSP MJ2 from Not working at all. According to the logs plugin loaded but nothing appears. logs Thanx in advance.
  9. I would be happy to work with him together on USI-LS patches and probably TAC-LS if he does not mind. Also I could help with modeling ant texturing.
  10. Already done this via simple and generic Module Manager config. It has now about 75 supplies per 1 crew member on board and 1 kerbal month per crew member it is definitely too much. So let me know what you as a mod maintainer prefer: realism or kerbalism.
  11. Loved the work you've made. Are you interesting on some LS patches. I'm typically using USI-LS and can made a support patches to contribute.
  12. Thanks for the rapid answer I'll probably stick with hack at reddit with my Canadarm.
  13. Could anybody say does jointSpring = 0 jointDamping = 0 works somehow? And is it is possible to reduce wobbling of overall IR mechanism with this. Thanks.
  14. Entropy bless you! A living man! It is OK! I found recently there is a new part in KSPI-E an engine similar to D-T Vista and visually represented as Epstein Drive from The Expanse. So i'm wondering if anybody made it running. It needs a damn amount of power to run. I even did not find anybody noticed it's present in KSPI-E neither forum or internet.