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  1. Did not know this, so thanks. RL is preventing me from playing much ATM but I will definitely check this out asap. Thanks
  2. Played a little this afternoon, did the first couple of Landing Rights missions (up to S05A) on my heavily modded JNSQ. No problems so far. I have also received, but not taken, additional airline contracts to completed airfields. As expected, I already prefer this contract pack over GAP for JNSQ. I plan to make one small personal change. Some of the Airfields have up to four runways, normally 2 running north-south and 2 running east-west. Instead of having 8 NavUtilities entries for these Airfields (2 for each runway, e.g 27L + 27R), I plan to reduce it to just the four with di
  3. My understanding is that only the Stock wheels work ATM. Gameslinx is aware and posted a few weeks ago that he will be updating the wiki with instructions for doing collisions for mod added wheels when his RL allows him time to do so. We just need patience ......
  4. If only you had willing beta version participants that could help you playtest ........
  5. The waypoint marker does not appear to have moved, it remains just above ground level near one end of one of the runways. I'm not sure why it would move, I adjusted the contract parameter not the waypoint itself. And I set the contract parameter altitude to 676m b/c 676m above sea level is where the waypoint is located. TBH, I don't "know" that this was the fix. This was the only thing I changed, and after the change the next time that particular contract came up it worked perfectly, but it's possible it's just an intermittent issue and it's just coincidence that the next time the c
  6. For anyone encountering similar issues, I changed the /GameData/ContractPacks/GAP-JNSQ/Express/AirExpress-966.cfg file to set the Waypoint for Polar Station N76 to be at altitude = 676 (Line 107, increased from altitude = 12). This seems to have fixed the issue for me.
  7. Yes to all requirements. I even tried to drive to the waypoint and wait. I'm going to double check the co-ords with the Contract Configurator Debug Menu next time I get the N76A contract. The contract works fine with same plane and pilot if I start from KSC. Contracts that start at either KSC and N76 are the only contracts I've had so far, so I don't know if it's only N76A that causes issues.
  8. I can't seem to get the AirExpress-966 Contract to work. I start at the N76 Polar research runway but no mater how long I wait I do not get the request clearance for takeoff objective to trigger. N76 has four runways, do I need to launch from a particular one? which one? I'll continue to try to troubleshoot but any tips might be helpful. Also, I found the jump in contract requirements a little jarring, I had completed only 1 Contract for 6 passengers from KSC to Island Runway, and the next one called for 40 passengers, nearly a 7x increase.
  9. Since the update Persistent Rotation is now in German and I can't find how to switch back to English.
  10. OK Try these, @PART[restock-mk2-pod]:NEEDS[!SquadExpansion/MakingHistory]:After[ReStockPlus] // MK2 'Acorn' Command Pod { @TechRequired = commandModules } @PART[restock-pod-sphere-1]:NEEDS[!SquadExpansion/MakingHistory]:After[ReStockPlus] // SP-1 'Clementine' Reentry Module { @TechRequired = basicReentryModule } @PART[restock-pod-sphere-2]:NEEDS[!SquadExpansion/MakingHistory]:After[ReStockPlus] // SP-2 'Tangerine' Reentry Module { @TechRequired = reentryModule } @PART[restock-pod-sphere-3]:NEEDS[!SquadExpansion/MakingHistory]:After[ReStockPlus] // SP-3 'Mandarin' Reentry Module { @Tech
  11. It appears this happens when using ReStock+ when you don't have the Missing History DLC. The following patches should fix it, but It's hard for me to test b/c I have Missing History. @PART[restock-mk2-pod]:NEEDS[!SquadExpansion/MakingHistory]:After[ReStockPlus] // MK2 'Acorn' Command Pod { @TechRequired = commandModules } @PART[restock-pod-sphere-3]:NEEDS[!SquadExpansion/MakingHistory]:After[ReStockPlus] // SP-3 'Mandarin' Reentry Module { @TechRequired = heavyCommandModulesExtensions }
  12. Is there somewhere that explains how this works then? Why are the grasslands green but the icecaps are rocky? I can understand that there is no Desert texture but it must be able to tell when the Grasslands end and the Desert begins. I've looked through the wiki, didn't understand most of it, but I'll have another go, if the answer is in there.
  13. OK Well here a some more for Near Future Launch Vehicles, the current patch appears to be outdated. Values taken from same source as RO/RSS/RP-1 to reflect real world engines. (Sorry I can't find the link now).
  14. Personally, I keep most of my MM Tweaks in a text file /GameData/zzzMyMMPatches/MyMMPatches.cfg. But you can also just create a text file containing this patch alone, call it EIR_Patch.cfg or something (just make sure it has the .cfg extension) and make sure the file is in /GameData/ somewhere. But be aware that if you put it inside a mod's folder than any update to that mod may remove the patch.
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