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  1. Love this mod and kerbin-side, and I can't imagine ever playing again without them now. Thank you so much for the time and skill you have put into this. I have a question about recovery costs however. For example lets take the base KKVLA which has a Recoveryfactor of 70 (70%), plus tracking station boost to 90% and a test vehicle worth 23,541. In testing I found that landing at this base results in a refund of 69.5% because of distance from KSC (16,363) which is then reduced to 90% by KKVLA + boost (Total refund 62.6% = 14,727). Is this correct behavior? If so it doesn't make sense to me that it should work this way. It means if I landed outside of KKVLA's RecoverRange I would actually get a larger refund, 69.5% = 16,363. It actually cost me funds to locate and land at a base rather than just land somewhere in the wilderness. Have I missed a setting somewhere?