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    KSR Airports for Kerbinside Remastered

    Ok, I'll look forward to its release.
  2. Coyote21

    KSR Airports for Kerbinside Remastered

    Your pics look great and I'm very excited to give it all a try but I can't find any download links anywhere. Have they been edited out at some point? or am I just blind? You have answers in your FAQ that suggest that others have downloaded and installed before which makes me think the link has just been accidently deleted recently. Anyway, a download link for the files please.
  3. Thanks all for the prompt suggestions, and especially for the link to "How To Get Support" never read that before. To answer your questions, yes the staging did not include the main LF/OX engine so that screenshot sux'd at properly conveying my issues. On the other hand even if removing the boosters ARP did not detect the two LF/OX stages properly anyway. But I have since fixed the issue, thou I don't know how. I went through and removed/reinstalled a few mods and now ARP works correctly again. I suspect, but can't be sure, that it was a new mod I was trying out that caused all the problems. Thanks again all
  4. I've recently reinstalled KSP and now ARP is not behaving. As you can see from the screenshot, it's not showing the LF/OX resources for an individual stage. It might not be showing other stage resources but LF/OX are the only ones I've got to so far. Not sure If this is a result of conflicts with other mods, Mis-configuration or a problem with 1.3.1 compatibility but being that so many ppl use this mod and 1.3.1 has been out for some time now and I'm the first to post here, it makes me think it's a conflict or mis-configuration. Has anyone else seen this or do I need to post a long list of installed mods? Any help would be appreciated,
  5. Love this mod and kerbin-side, and I can't imagine ever playing again without them now. Thank you so much for the time and skill you have put into this. I have a question about recovery costs however. For example lets take the base KKVLA which has a Recoveryfactor of 70 (70%), plus tracking station boost to 90% and a test vehicle worth 23,541. In testing I found that landing at this base results in a refund of 69.5% because of distance from KSC (16,363) which is then reduced to 90% by KKVLA + boost (Total refund 62.6% = 14,727). Is this correct behavior? If so it doesn't make sense to me that it should work this way. It means if I landed outside of KKVLA's RecoverRange I would actually get a larger refund, 69.5% = 16,363. It actually cost me funds to locate and land at a base rather than just land somewhere in the wilderness. Have I missed a setting somewhere?