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  1. I apologize for pretty much abandoning this whole thing after a really short period of support. Unfortunately at this moment I really don't have the time or drive to work on this project... The (badly written) code is on github so anyone is welcome to take a look. In hindsight scope creep really ruined my will to work on this anymore... originally this mod is meant to only add ~20-30 planets, but my naiveness caused me to go very slightly overboard on how much stuff I want to add... Now this mod is basically a barely functioning, terribly optimized mess with pretty much no detail, and in the game this is practically just a massive memory hogging decoration that you look at in the tracking station. With that said, now that KSP2 is on its way with a more promising planet modding system, I probably will give it a go again. TWB feels empty to me, in that it doesn't really achieve that vision I originally intended, and I hope that one of these days I will achieve that vision for real. Thank you all for the support and I apologize again for that there probably won't be any more updates for this project.
  2. I stuck some sharp sticks with long names into the ground
  3. something that has less blue in it
  4. Are you saying there is no visuals on any planets? Or is that planet turns black/white? If you are talking about the stock planets having no visuals, then it's normal since TWB's visuals only affects TWB objects and nothing is done to the stock system. You can use AVP with it though. TWB works fine with OPM, assuming Kopernicus is installed. Since this is a interstellar mod, a meaningful dv map is almost impossible to make. I'll see if I can make some star system diagrams if I have time.
  5. TWB 1.1可以正常的与1.7的kopernicus和EVE使用,但是目前无法与最新的scatterer一起使用。 因为TWB并不是一个为了高现实度而设计的星球mod,所以目前没有与Principia兼容的计划
  6. Today is the 1st anniversary of The World Beyond! and my PCs are both KIA so I can't make any proper celebration related materials... so have this random image that might or might not be related to the TWB loreTM (will never be in the actual mod) until I can work on updates.
  7. Starting a new PR on github would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully I will have the time to finally work out a update in the upcoming months.
  8. I'll send you a virtual cookie if you can identify all the ships
  9. Clip Studio Paint Pro default hard edged round watercolor boi I've tried many other custom cloud brushes but none of them are as good as just taking the time to do it the "hard" way
  10. Spaceplane based on Skylon/C-FASTT
  11. I hate the amount of effort I put into making this