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  1. Is scatterer working on the planets? Sunflares are controlled by scatterer and that could be the cause.
  2. TheProtagonists

    KSP Rewind 2018

    New mods I've started to play this year huh... I will go with OWR, GEP, SSPXR and Kerbal Konstructs. However if possible I will also plug my own mod here
  3. Hmmm... so it looks like TWB is installed correctly, so no problems there. However, it is extremely hard to tell what might cause the problem given this huge list of mods, so here's what I would suggest: 1. make sure scatterer and EVE are both up to date for your KSP version 2. create a separate install of the same version of KSP with only kopernicus, the planet mods, EVE and scatterer, and see if the problem still persists
  4. I wouldn't recommend changing the EVE_CLOUDS, but can you send me a screenshot of your GameData folder and the inside of your TheWorldBeyond folder? That would help me to tell the problem.
  5. I'm assuming that you haven't even played this mod, so please don't judge everything just by the screenshots. TWB is not KSS, and is NOT meant to be a realistic mod, so please understand that.
  6. These are cool ideas, but I already have a large scale road map for adding celestials, therefore it is very unlikely that I will use any planetary system suggestions at the current stage of the mod.
  7. It wasn't when I first came up with the idea. But now it is.
  8. At last, new planets are coming! Creeper - the first noticeably oblate body:
  9. I will make system diagrams when update 1.2 is done. 1. There are many, many references to virtually every medium in this mod, although I do admit I used the number 42 a bit too much... But there are also other arc numbers you can find 2. WorldStabilizer might solve this problem. Make sure you are running 64 bit KSP is you are not on 1.5, and you can always start testing by only instal the bare bones of TWB.
  10. TheProtagonists

    [1.5.1] Stockalike Mining Extension [0.99 Release 11/17/18] WIP

    Certainly not intended... I guess I made this over a year ago when I have no idea what those numbers do, so I basically just entered random numbers... Please feel free to change them as you see as fit and maybe share it here too!
  11. Well... I will fix that too. You might have also noticed that Seraph's biome also doesn't work, which is due to it having the same (stupid) problem with Adeon, and you can fix it in the config file with the same way in my last post.
  12. Thank you for reporting! I have [just] found the problem, that Adeon's biome map was incorrectly referenced in the config file. A rather dumb mistake, I know... That's going to be another bug I will fix in 1.2. To fix it for now, you can head to TheWorldBeyond/TWB_TraverseSystem/CelestialBodies/Adeon/Adeon.cfg and find line 48 (which starts with biomeMap = ...) and replace the line with the following: biomeMap = TheWorldBeyond/TWB_TraverseSystem/Textures/PluginData/Adeon_Biome.png
  13. I'll need your output_log in addition to the screenshot. Too bad it's not real Can you open the console and see biome to make sure? Adeon should have 9 biomes, but it is possible that the land very next to the waters might be marked as the lake biome. Regardless I will check it to see if that is a problem. More tpyos to fix... Thanks for telling me!
  14. I can't help you without your logs and a screenshot of the inside of your GameData folder.