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  1. TheProtagonists

    Show off your drawings!

    For X-33 and every other design that will never touch the sky. Please ignore the fact that half of these vehicles aren't supposed to be launched like this... Also when I made this I certainly did not anticipate ITS BFR Starship's design to change this much...
  2. I see. I'm not satisfied with how the first two aurora textures look right now so I will remake them completely, and hopefully that will solve the issue. Thank you so much for such an insightful comment and advice. I will definitely see if I can add some sort of optional patches for starting on other worlds, although that most likely mean the removal of most Kerbin easter eggs/features and possibly unbalaned science values Sadly I can't guarantee when that will drop. A lot other projects/things are going on for me and working on TWB has to take a backseat for me at this time, but if nothing else, I will at the very least continue to maintain everything. I actually have a very grand backstory for why the TWB systems are like this that ties in to my vision of the entire Kerbal universe, but I don't have plans to implement it at this moment, besides hinting them through descriptions...
  3. TheProtagonists

    Show off your drawings!

    Thank you ! I did draw this from scratch using a tablet based off some images.
  4. TheProtagonists

    Show off your drawings!

    Another old-ish thing
  5. Very sorry about the late reply. I am not certain, but I am strongly suspecting it is a memory problem since you said that you have 12GB of RAM. If you installed the entirety of TWB and many other mods (as seen in the screenshot), it is possible that there are just not enough memory for the clouds. You can try reinstalling EVE, but I would suggest you to start with a clean install with just TWB, EVE and scatterer and see if the planets still turn black.
  6. Sorry about the late reply. So the game will hang after the loading is complete, and if it's your first time loading the mod, it could hang for 5-15 minutes to generate the caches. Wait and ignore any "not responding" warning. 1. I don't see why you can't use DOE with this together. Tell me if something weird happens. 2. Dawn is about 4 times further than Valentine from the Sun. 3. AVP works perfectly with TWB visuals. Make sure you have BOTH SCATTERER AND EVE if you use TWB full. 4. OnDemand is automatic, no action is needed.
  7. How much RAM do you have? If you are on an earlier version of KSP, are you on 64 bit?
  8. With OnDemand loading 12GB should be enough, unless you also happen to run other big planet/part mods. You can always remove a system that you don't want though. Also, regarding changing the homeworld: I thought about doing that, but considering the potential glitches that might come with replacing the homeworld with a planet that's orbiting a star that is orbiting another star (that might be orbiting another star if I keep Sun/Kerbol as the center of the universe), it is unlikely to happen.
  9. TheProtagonists

    Show off your drawings!

    Digging up some old things from my projects folder, I present a mediocre depiction of the best mountain the the world
  10. At some point that will be added, thank you for the feedback. Please note that if you downloaded the entire TWB and removed scatterer, you should also remove the scatterer components of TWB. Otherwise it can cause planets to turn black.
  11. TWB is not a realism oriented mod so that is not (and most likely won't be) considered. If you want to make things more realistic there are other mods that can do that. That is extremely bizarre... I have no clue that could cause that... Since it's EVE related I think you can try only removing the EVE component of each system and see if that changes anything.
  12. No. Yes. But you want to start a new game since adding new planets mid game can brake the save. If you have downloaded EVE (don't worry about the config, it's provided by the mod), deleted all the outdated module managers, and used a kopernicus that matches your KSP version, then yes.
  13. That sounds weird... since TWB has absolutely nothing to do with stock planets. Can you try installing TWB without the visuals and see what happens?
  14. 1. Delete all of the module managers besides the latest version (3.1.3). You only need one, and just because other mods works "fine" doesn't mean they are 100% problem free. 2. You are on KSP 1.4.4, which is not supported by any latest Kopernicus versions. Therefore you should update to either 1.5.1 or 1.6.1 and download the Kopernicus corresponding to that version. 3. The screenshot you provided looked like that you downloaded the entire TWB and not just the Dawn system, and you are missing EVE which is required for the visuals to work.