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  1. Yes it's compatible with OPM. It's orbit doesn't cross opm's orbits and it doesn't mess with eeloo so it's compatible with OPM.
  2. Work? Yes. Make sense? No. This is at Kerbal scale, so it would be tiny in RSS. It wouldn't break anything other than immersion.
  3. Yes! Is it possible to retexture Moho to what it was originally too? If so, I would gladly use this all the time.
  4. An ecuminopolis should have more than 1 trillion people. New York's population density spread over the entire surface area of earth is 5 trillion people and if you stacked those cities higher than you could get way, way more
  5. Tau Ceti isn't like RDD Nickel's system. Not like that's bad but it's breaking the trend
  6. I don't see the discord link in your signature, all I see is the stuff for low light levels
  7. when do we get representation for https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WISE_0855−0714 also what is Brun supposed to be an analogue of
  8. I mean it would take a bit of effort and I couldn't redistribute it but I physically could add the beyond home system outside of kerbol but it would be the one by beyond kerbol, and it wouldn't be compatible with the narrative because the tempus system couldn't have been formed in present kerbol because if that were true the larger star would have exploded well before they even moved out of kerbin, let alone solitude. Anyways i MIGHT make the mod I previously described for myself but I couldn't distribute it without explicit permission from gameslinx, which is very unlikely.
  9. @The-Doctor I've done it myself sorta... but sharing it might void the copyright. I think he has it as an eventual thing to do but it's on the end of the list of responsibilities right about now. sorry
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