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  1. I think that gas giant might actually be Gas Planet 2 At least I hope it is...
  2. I was just wondering as I don't think I could convince my parents to buy me KSP 2 for $60 when we already have KSP 1.
  3. maybe they could have a kopernicus type unselectable moon which you can see in orbit of ike sometimes
  4. I will say this: Hype is a risk. It helps people get excited for your project, but when it takes too long... The fans may get impatient, they may abandon the project all together. Take your time, and boost hype when you need to, but don't let it get too high before the main release.
  5. is the nova kerbani system by any chance inspired by the R.D.D Nickel system for Alpha Centauri?
  6. What I did was I just renamed the parent object and stuck with it I've stopped using it for now. BTW IDK if you can do this but maybe change the scaledlightintensitycurve so the planets around Abbadon aren't BLINDING
  7. This is amazing! Your planets look as awesome as some of Gameslinx's! Godspeed!
  8. I can't find the export textures area on Kiitopia. Please respond
  9. I would love to download this, but I can't work with .rar files. Is there a .zip download?
  10. Amazing as always. But since this new star is an A-type star, it won't have much time left either.