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  1. hey

    Can you help me with scatterer or EVE?


  2. Kottabos reviewed this mod but for some reason didn't include OPM is he that stupid to not read past the first line or two?
  3. great mod! but why the HELL IS I DOWN AND K UP that sucks so damn much
  4. I couldn't get the textures out of the zip folder
  5. Make it less far away. This seems VERY similar to a floating point error shown by many, including danny2462 just decrease the semiMajorAxis and it should be fixed
  6. Whenever I load this pack in 1.7.x I get an error I tried removing the // before homeplanet but it didn't change anything let me know if I need to include the full log
  7. And maybe for the random mountains Kerbin is highly volcanically active because of tides from the Mun
  8. I'd say about as old as the Appalachians, maybe less
  9. I feel bad about changing Gemini It was dan's mod and I changed it to something different
  10. Sorry. It's mostly SSRSS but crappily made I'm happy it was so popular though...
  11. some people call him Unsinn
  12. I saw a 1.8 patch for Kopernicus on Spacedock but it disappeared. I get the copyright license and all, so I just hope that they take advice from the patch that I have working on my end.