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  1. Much appreciated. Anything I need to do with Kolinization in customize difficulty or feel free to ignore? (Shows up with USITools which is why I came asking for guidance) I kinda figured on the dependencies. Had to ask but I understand. Catch-22 and I'll keep policing my GameData. Please keep up the excellent work and thanks ahead of time for your reply.
  2. I wasn't able to find this elsewhere so if it's already been answered, please forgive me. To get it out of the way: I really appreciate your mods, but mostly they don't suit my playstyle. Mostly. I'm attempting to install Konstruction as a stand-alone. I'm also installing FX because it may contain something Konstruction needs. The latest versions of Firespitter and Module Manager are already installed. My problem is USITools seems to install parts of Kolonization which I would not like in my game. My questions are these: Is USITools innactive without the appropriate mod? If USITools does change some functionality (Kerbal jobs, for example), is there a way to install Konstruction as a stand-alone? Would you consider marking things as prerequisites rather than including them? I see the pros and cons of each but lean towards not including them as a rule - cleaning out 5 versions of Module Manager (mistake made 2 years ago) due to this practice kinda soured me on it. Thanks for your consideration and please keep up the excellent work.
  3. BARIS is off by default, but if I had wanted it I would have downloaded it. Since I don't it's a deal-breaker. Please consider packaging separately. I did the same with another mod that took over my Kerbalnaut Komplex so don't feel it's just you.
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