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  1. TheNoobHunter24

    [1.2.2 & 1.3] Kerbin-Side continued 1.4 [05.06.2017]

    Well the only reason I wanted know is that would be AMAZING to use with BD Armory for more bombing targets. Currently there's only KSC which is right there, or building a base which isnt very fun compared to say those office buildings near the KSC. Probably not enough to make you consider it since I don't know if a lot of people play that way.
  2. TheNoobHunter24

    [1.2.2 & 1.3] Kerbin-Side continued 1.4 [05.06.2017]

    Are the new buildings in this destroyable like the stock KSC buildings?
  3. TheNoobHunter24

    [1.4.3] Extrasolar v1.7.5 [5/9/18]

    Hey anyone got any good ideas for getting out to this system? I know warp drives are the answer but the KSPI one is a bi*** to get working properly and the standalone feels too constraining and slow. Either I'm doing something wrong or this is just beyond the scope of those. I've got a ship set up that has 10,000 m/s of d-v for making an orbit but KSPI just doesn't wanna let it work. Vessel and warp drive stats Edit: The ship works fine without the nuke boosters on the front there, but as you might guess then it won't be doing anything with only around 2,000 d-v.
  4. TheNoobHunter24

    SSTO Advice

    Looking for advice on building an SSTO, preferably one that can make it to at least the Mun. Specifically I suppose, best profile of ascent for this type of craft, how much delta-v does it need for achieving orbit (I mean after air intake runs out and I have to rely on the rocket), and whats a good TWR as well. Any other tidbits are quite welcome This one is first attempt. I got it to a 67k periapsis but ran out of oxidizer for the rocket. There's two whiplash jets and then 1 aerospike.
  5. Yeah they are. There's two folders when I got it, (which should be whatever is currently on Spacedock) MAIN, and VISUALS, visuals has all the stuff for EVE for the clouds on the new planets.
  6. I know that...this mod originally had planets with clouds on them, but when I tried running it with SVE, for whatever reason, the clouds on this mod go away. I know that EVE is just like a framework thing to add clouds to the planets, and SVE is the clouds and stuff that you made specifically for the stock planets. This mod came with its own configs for EVE, and unless there's a bit I'm missing, it SHOULD be able to run side-by-side with SVE because the configs in this are for the new stars, none of the stock planets.
  7. Another bug or something like that to report, this doesn't seem to be compatible with Stock Visual Enhancements, none of your planets have clouds with that installed, doesn't make sense though because it adds it's own stuff.
  8. I need some help, I have the folders for EVE and EVEconfigs installed correctly, I believe. /Gamedata then /BoulderCo and /Eve folder both as they should be, but in game nothing shows up, no clouds on any planets.
  9. TheNoobHunter24

    [1.3] Alcubierre Warp Drive (Stand-alone) do I get this thing running? I made a ship in sandbox mode with it, it says everything is full, full capacity of exotic matter, but the bubble fizzles out instantly. (edit) Nevermind!
  10. I guess I'll just deal with it. Again, not very interested in Moho so not concerning. And uh, one more thing. What kinda delta-v numbers would I be looking at for the transfers to the other star systems?
  11. Uh...I haven't seen any comments about this on here so sorry if it's already been mentioned but uh. What happened to Moho here? Happened after installing this. Other than this, I absolutely love the new planets, can't wait to make trips to them. There's this weird cloud..thing..around it now. Moho didn't seem that appealing to me anyway but it doesn't look right so.
  12. TheNoobHunter24

    Need help building a large Mk3 plane

    Thanks! I forgot to make an update, but I made it a bit longer and took fuel out to lower the weight got off the ground and flipped over (Like nose kept going up and plane goes upside down and over and crashes) . Landing gear placement and pitch control IS generally the usual issues my planes tend to have, so it's kinda expected. This is again also first mk3 plane I tried to make, everything before that was mk1 fighter jets. Update: It gets off the ground on it's own now and has great pitch control. Problem now is roll control. I'm not sure how to describe it but its awful. It moves the pitch a little as it does it and takes forever to respond. Currently its two Aeroplane control surfaces under the wings but gonna experiment with it as I feel thats why it messes up the pitch. Before it was on the tail wing but it wasn't strong enough either there.
  13. TheNoobHunter24

    Need help building a large Mk3 plane

    It doesn't get off the ground at all. Front wheel stays firmly put on the runway.
  14. TheNoobHunter24

    Need help building a large Mk3 plane

    I think it might be just far too heavy. I got the CoL a lot closer to the CoM and got the weight down to 60 tons but it still doesn't get off the ground on it's own, and only glides a little when it goes up a slope. Also after pressing F12, the lift lines are incredibly high.
  15. I've started doing replica planes and I decided to do a Ilyushin Il-78, however it's my first big plane like that. It gets going to around 150 m/s on the runway so speed isn't a problem, but it won't get off the ground even a tiny bit. Picture of it: