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  1. Thanks for reminding me. I think i used an older image format for some of the textures, which is no longer supported by KSP. I converted them and everything seems to work again.
  2. The stock shrouds are the ones that only exist on the Engines. How did you install the mod? Did you use CKAN? Do you have ModuleManager installed?
  3. The change was independent of the part, and for me it works fine on the ShroudedDecoupler Part The default option for the mod is to use the Stock shrouds. To use the decoupler to generate a shroud, you need to right click on the decoupler in question and enable it there. To add to those instructions, here is a small example of a custom texture pack, and here is some documentation of the config files.
  4. I hard-coded the 20m some time ago because I thought who would need anything larger; that would be ridiculous... But I forgot this is a mod for KSP I changed it to infinity. You can download the new version from GitHub and scale the shroud to your heart's content! Out of curiosity, are there engines that large, or do you cover multiple parts?
  5. I'm not sure what could cause that. Could you check if this also happens with a clean install and only DecouplerShroud and ModuleManager installed?
  6. I don't know how KSP determines whether there is a part occluding the solar panel. My guess would be that it's using the colliders, since that would be more performant to calculate. The shrouds don't have colliders at the moment. I experimented with giving the shroud colliders, but it didn't work too well (I think the shroud tended to explode other parts or be indestructible).
  7. The thing is, I don't know how well the dragcubes are generated (a dragcube is just a bunch of numbers). Right now, the mod calls a function in the KSP code which generates a dragcube for a part somehow, but how you are supposed to use it is not really documented. I'm also not certain what the correct values for a dracube would look like. For example, some values correspond to the are of your part, but when I calculated the area by hand, it differed from the generated dragcube. Right now the generated dragcubes mostly seem to reduce the drag on the rocket, but there are apparently some ca
  8. The mod now works with FAR. I already saw your post in March and tried to implement it but gave up a bit too quickly. But hey, it's here now
  9. I think the bump comes from the Engine. Also, it's smooth if there is another part covering the decoupler from the bottom
  10. This fixed it. This green line is what you would expect from a hollow part, right? Thank you.
  11. Thanks for the help with the config file. Now the changes do show up in the configcache file. Unfortunately, the mesh still isn't voxelised. Here are the Logs created by FAR after creating meshes and calling "GeometryPartModuleRebuildMeshData": [FAR v0.15.10.1] Decoupler.2 - mesh build info: Meshes: Decoupler_2 No renderer found: COL0, COL1, COL2, COL3 [FAR v0.15.10.1] Decoupler.2 - mesh build info: Meshes: Decoupler_2, COL0, COL1, COL2, COL3 No renderer found: COL0, COL1, COL2, COL3 [FAR v0.15.10.1] Decoupler.2 - mesh build info: Meshes: Decoupler_2
  12. I tried this, but it sadly hasn't fixed the issue: @PART[*]:NEEDS[DecouplerShroud]:AFTER[FerramAerospaceResearch]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleDecouplerShroud]] { @MODULE[GeometryPartModule] { %forceUseMeshes = true %ignoreIfNoRenderer = true } } Are there specific things one has to look out for with procedurally generated or concave meshes?
  13. That is a remnant of when I tried to add colliders to the shrouds. This shouldn't really do anything in the released version of the mod (that I'm aware of).
  14. I've been trying to make my mod Decoupler Shroud work with FAR, but had little success so far. I looked at how Procedural Fairings / Parts solved this, and at the moment I am calling: part.SendMessage("GeometryPartModuleRebuildMeshData"); but it does not seem to detect the shroud mesh (Image). What does the GeometryPartModuleRebuildMeshData function need to generate the Voxels? Do the GameObjects need to be laid out in some specific way? Does it need colliders, or generate from the visual mesh? Do you have to register the mesh with FAR in some way? The code that is call
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