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  1. Well then everyone, the technical difficulties have not held me back today!
  2. It's just 1 battle and 39 minutes today. It's not a boring one though, I think everyone will enjoy it
  3. CFC S5 main competition has begun for everyone to see! https://youtu.be/GMxxc_cG2W4
  5. CFC IS BACK EVERYONE Sorry for the long wait https://youtu.be/Wvhy-q5gwuc
  6. We're back with CFC S5 testing https://youtu.be/mSBeywM9kFo
  7. CFC S5 submissions have been closed for a while, but fear not, tech inspections are here! Today CFC S5 starts! https://youtu.be/g0dkQOtALVo
  8. The CFC deadline has been extended to next week, Sunday to be exact. I expect to have enough entries by then.
  9. CFC has a new challenger, the Hz MINISCHANIK MkII A-3. Watch it get built along with the HZMS Floatboat here: https://youtu.be/IfTF4uwIZxY
  10. 5 entries and 6 more days. Not looking good for the competition so far, please get the word out and note that you're allowed to send in 2 entries, not just one. I'm confident that we can make the competition happen despite this though.
  11. You get them with a role, which you have now Rules update: Smokes and submarines have been considered OP and are now banned. Former by community vote, latter by myself.
  12. No. The limits where put in place because of said 9's
  13. No Hellfire limit, I can get height measurements more accurate by putting the craft on the ground of the SPH as far as I know
  14. The video is out now Handy to use as a reference for my setup process!