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  1. I've just launched my RealAgencies mod and someone brought to my attention a possible problem with the agent parser in CC version 1.28.2 (1.28.1 seems to work fine): Here are two logs for the same contract but on different versions of Contract Configurator. I took the liberty of highlighting the relevant lines: 1.28.1 (works fine) 1.28.2 (not working): As you can see, the "agent" line on the data nodes for the secong log file appears as null. P.S. the problem with the incoherent HasResource nodes I mentioned on the previous page keeps happening; the configs I posted there should help with diagnosing the bug. The contract itself has these two lines: minQuantity = Round((Pow(Random(0.5,1.5) * (0.3 + UnlockedTech().Count() / 100),2)*2500)/2,100) * 8 title = Have a ComSatPayload of at least @minQuantity units on the craft In what situation could minQuantity present different values on these two lines? Now that I think of it, I only ever saw this happening on contracts with more than one simultaneous instance...
  2. Real Agencies Introduction This mod adds 100+ real-life agencies to the game, split between telecommunications satellite operators, space weather institutions, navigation satellite projects and actual space agencies. Simple as that. I decided to create this pack as a response to two personal issues - which you might have previously come across as well: 1- Contracts of the "launch satellite X" type are boring and nigh indistiguishable from eachother. Having to fly payloads for real-life agencies brings the whole "space program" shtick closer to reality and allows you to (kinda) roleplay as your favourite launch service provider - be it Arianespace, SpaceX, RocketLab... 2- Naming satellites and probes is hard. Instead of dabbling on the nickname of your 35th geostationary satellite for half an hour (which is the hardest part of the game ) you can just name it after the agency that contracted you! With this pack, you can now litter your skies with Intelsats-4Bs, Al-Yah 3s, AMOS-6, Thaicom Demo and so on. Mod compatibility There isn't a set of hard requirements to use the pack, but it was made with two mods in mind: Contract Configurator - As of version 1.28.1* for KSP 1.8.x, CC supports randomized agencies for contracts (thanks, @nightingale!). AFAIK, this feature will carry over to future versions as well, so Real Agencies should be forward-compatible with any future CC releases. As for the contracts themselves, RealAgencies includes a config file for RP-1 which, while not being that historically accurate (ViaSat might ask you to launch your first satellite during the 50's!...), it should still add more flavour to the career mode; nevertheless, I'm open to suggestions to add more agencies and more realism to those contracts, even though I might not have much time to work on this mod for the near future. Even if you don't play with RP-1, you can still read the config file to learn how to implement randomized agencies for your own contracts. Conformal Decals - What's the point of having a bunch of pretty logos if you can't slap them on your rocket? Bad illumination aside, this launch included two GEO birds for RRSat and Iridium communications. ARE YOU FEELING THE IMMERSION??? The pack also includes compatibility with ConformalDecals. Each agency logo has two versions: either with a white or a transparent background, depending on your preference. You just need to use the "CDL-F Flag Decal" part and search through the flag menu. I've also included a couple of extra decals for ULA, Arianespace, SpaceX, Northrop Grumman and RocketLab. Download Github Final notes The telecommunications agencies were based off Wikipedia's list of communication satellite companies. Please keep in mind that some of these might not even exist anymore, in which case I either added their parent company as an agency or just didn't add them to the pack. Agencies for which I couldn't find a high-res logo weren't included as well. As far as I know (and I searched this thoroughly) using corporation logos doesn't constitute trademark infringement, as I'm not profiting off this mod or adding any sort of agent mentalities that could imply anything about their operations or affect their public image. If anyone can provide me with more detailed information on this subject just leave a comment on this thread An image of my colourful and logo-ridden Mission Control screen: Agency list: Have fun! * for now I suggest using 1.28.1, as I got a report that suggests 1.28.2 could have problems with the agent parser (confirmed via testing).
  3. Disregard my previous post. I had a duplicate ContractConfigurator folder in my GameData
  4. That problem striked yet again. Here is an example of a contract with incoherent resource requirements. I took the liberty of highlighting the relevant sections. This is an instance of the problematic contract, as found on the persist.sfs file: And here's the contract root config: Perhaps this is caused by some race condition when CC parses the minQuantity expression...?
  5. Gotcha! So if I make my own decal files on, say, GIMP and save the file, it will appear flipped?
  6. @cineboxandrew, why are the .dds files flipped vertically? Is that a requirement?
  7. Weirdly enough, neither could I. It seems like a quite random glitch, appearing and disappearing regardless of contract. Don't worry about that
  8. Anyone else getting a "Cannot clone model 'ConformalDecals/Assets/decal-blank' as model does not exist" error? It's keeping any parts from being loaded into the game. EDIT: found the problem: [WRN 18:45:58.497] File 'C:\Jogos\KSP 1.8.1 [Sandbox]\GameData\ConformalDecals\Assets\' is an incorrect type. [WRN 18:45:58.497] Model load error in 'C:\Jogos\KSP 1.8.1 [Sandbox]\GameData\ConformalDecals\Assets\' This is version 0.1.3 for KSP 1.8.1.
  9. I can see how a "buying resources" mechanic could kinda solve the problem of having no direct monetary funds to worry about (well, sort of). As a RSS/RO career player, I also think there should be a money-driven progression gamemmode; like so many others already said, it imposes a lot of constraints and forces you to think beyond delta-v when deciding on launch architectures. Should you go for distributed lift (Direct proposals), monolithic all-in-one launchers (Apollo) or a mix of both (SLS/Artemis)? Does it make sense to fill up your pockets to unlock that lander part by doing commercial launches? I could give examples for hours. In any case, a resource-driven system where parts don't cost money but cost specific resources which you can buy or mine for would bring the whole economic dynamic to the game to a different layer, therefore not getting rid of it entirely or changing it beyond recognition. If, for instance, you check out SmarterEveryDay's excellent ULA Rocket Factory Tour video, you can see how it all starts with resources. Aluminum, stainless steel, carbon composits... the final "price tag" of the rocket is just an amalgamation of the costs of the materials, labour, processes, installations, services, bureaucracy and so on. I personally wouldn't mind a material-based career mode that extends the funding mechanic by adding this extra layer of complexity. I reckon this would have more of an impact in the early game, when the prospects of space mining are still a distant dream - but down-to-earth space programs are fun on their own as well, and I think it would be quite satisfying to progress from old, boring commercial/institutional contracts where you have to manage a stockpile of money/resources to a post-scarcity type of world where you can mine the resources by yourself instead of buying them from the Kerbal Resource Emporium, Inc.
  10. Well, it didn't crash, but it froze. RAM usage went up to 98% on the "calculating Delta-V" stage - possibly even more, but even the task manager was clogged up at that time. Anyways, here are my specs: RAM: 16Gb CPU: i5-8265U HDD: 1Tb, about half of which is free
  11. Sorry for not getting back at you, but it worked! Sadly it ate up all my memory and froze my computer when I tried to calculate a transfer with 3 gravity assists, so next time I'll go lighter on TOT
  12. Also, possible UI bug: contracts that have have more than a simultaneous instance (maxSimultaneous > 1) will have their HasResource parameter displaying incoherent values:
  13. Conformal Decals can be placed in procedural fairings! There are some issues with symmetry (e.g. the symmetrical counterparts of a decal placed on a single cylinder part will be floating on air), but it's nothing you can't fix by using 2+ attachment nodes
  14. Some more ideas for the semiotic decal, thinking about those players who use more exotic mods (like myself) Warning Signs for Tomorrow