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  1. That will definitely be possible, since we'll have multiple star systems. The crucial part is making it meaningful - KSP1's Sun has an infinite SOI, so there's no "advantage" or sense of progress in going interstellar from a gameplay perspective.
  2. As we all know, KSP2 strives to improve upon the first game not only in terms of graphics, progression, customization, etc., but also in how well the game should perform - vessel physics, for instance, are an outstanding problem. However, I haven't seen much discussiom around memory usage and loading times. As many others, I play(ed) KSP with RO/RSS, a couple of other realism mods and a metric ton of part and gameplay modifications that both filled the tech tree and added near-future stuff. As such, I stopped playing once loading times went past 20 minutes. It was an incredibly frust
  3. The SRBs on the current version seem to have invariable costs, regardless of diameter or length. Also (and sorry for repeating this question), do the different heatshield weights affect max peak heating, or do they only change the shield's ablator resource amount?
  4. I've just launched my RealAgencies mod and someone brought to my attention a possible problem with the agent parser in CC version 1.28.2 (1.28.1 seems to work fine): Here are two logs for the same contract but on different versions of Contract Configurator. I took the liberty of highlighting the relevant lines: 1.28.1 (works fine) 1.28.2 (not working): As you can see, the "agent" line on the data nodes for the secong log file appears as null. P.S. the problem with the incoherent HasResource nodes I mentioned on the previous page keeps happening; the configs I poste
  5. Real Agencies Introduction This mod adds 100+ real-life agencies to the game, split between telecommunications satellite operators, space weather institutions, navigation satellite projects and actual space agencies. Simple as that. I decided to create this pack as a response to two personal issues - which you might have previously come across as well: 1- Contracts of the "launch satellite X" type are boring and nigh indistiguishable from eachother. Having to fly payloads for real-life agencies brings the whole "space program" shtick closer to reality and allows you to (kinda) r
  6. Disregard my previous post. I had a duplicate ContractConfigurator folder in my GameData
  7. That problem striked yet again. Here is an example of a contract with incoherent resource requirements. I took the liberty of highlighting the relevant sections. This is an instance of the problematic contract, as found on the persist.sfs file: And here's the contract root config: Perhaps this is caused by some race condition when CC parses the minQuantity expression...?
  8. Gotcha! So if I make my own decal files on, say, GIMP and save the file, it will appear flipped?
  9. @cineboxandrew, why are the .dds files flipped vertically? Is that a requirement?
  10. Weirdly enough, neither could I. It seems like a quite random glitch, appearing and disappearing regardless of contract. Don't worry about that
  11. Anyone else getting a "Cannot clone model 'ConformalDecals/Assets/decal-blank' as model does not exist" error? It's keeping any parts from being loaded into the game. EDIT: found the problem: [WRN 18:45:58.497] File 'C:\Jogos\KSP 1.8.1 [Sandbox]\GameData\ConformalDecals\Assets\decal-blank.mu' is an incorrect type. [WRN 18:45:58.497] Model load error in 'C:\Jogos\KSP 1.8.1 [Sandbox]\GameData\ConformalDecals\Assets\decal-blank.mu' This is version 0.1.3 for KSP 1.8.1.
  12. I can see how a "buying resources" mechanic could kinda solve the problem of having no direct monetary funds to worry about (well, sort of). As a RSS/RO career player, I also think there should be a money-driven progression gamemmode; like so many others already said, it imposes a lot of constraints and forces you to think beyond delta-v when deciding on launch architectures. Should you go for distributed lift (Direct proposals), monolithic all-in-one launchers (Apollo) or a mix of both (SLS/Artemis)? Does it make sense to fill up your pockets to unlock that lander part by doing commercial lau
  13. Well, it didn't crash, but it froze. RAM usage went up to 98% on the "calculating Delta-V" stage - possibly even more, but even the task manager was clogged up at that time. Anyways, here are my specs: RAM: 16Gb CPU: i5-8265U HDD: 1Tb, about half of which is free
  14. Sorry for not getting back at you, but it worked! Sadly it ate up all my memory and froze my computer when I tried to calculate a transfer with 3 gravity assists, so next time I'll go lighter on TOT
  15. Also, possible UI bug: contracts that have have more than a simultaneous instance (maxSimultaneous > 1) will have their HasResource parameter displaying incoherent values:
  16. Conformal Decals can be placed in procedural fairings! There are some issues with symmetry (e.g. the symmetrical counterparts of a decal placed on a single cylinder part will be floating on air), but it's nothing you can't fix by using 2+ attachment nodes
  17. Some more ideas for the semiotic decal, thinking about those players who use more exotic mods (like myself) Warning Signs for Tomorrow
  18. Gotcha. I'll probably try and use the pre-existing textures as flags, then. In that note, can the flags have any resolution/aspect ratio? I'm asking because, right now, I have two texture sets: Agency logos: RealAgencies/Assets/Telecommunications - 256x160, white background. They are not in a "Flags" folder, but get recognized by ConformalDecals as such, possibly because they're assigned to agents. NEBULA decals: RealAgencies/Assets/Nebula - 512x512, transparent background. These are the ones I want to port to conformal decals (as flags), because of their higher resolution and t
  19. I'm making a sort of a RealAgencies mod and I've been working on NEBULA compatibility patches. Needless to say, I'm pretty stoked at how your mod makes decals that much easier to use Now, I was looking at how to add those custom files to Conformal Decals, and got a bit worried when I discovered that all textures seem to need to be bundled on the same file, with the B9PartSwitch module defining each texture variant with an offset. Since I already have dozens of separate PNG files for each agency's logo, I'd like to know whether or not it is possible to just reference each texture file sepa
  20. Apparently there's a hardcoded limit to both variables; I just changed them, recompiled the DLL et voilà!
  21. I'm trying to increase lightining range, but changing lightRange like this @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[EngineLightEffect]]:FINAL { @MODULE[EngineLightEffect] { @lightPower *= 1500000.0 @lightRange *= 1500000.0 } } doesn't seem to have any effect...
  22. Thanks! So I assume the "thermal" mesh on the Barça is the black center core, right?
  23. I want to try and add TU support to the Barça and Vorona probe cores, but since they lack a FStextureSwitch2 module I don't know any of the mesh names for either parts. Do you mind giving me a quick reference for those?
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