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  1. Love the new update. Did find some issues that may be my fault or may be a bug in the update. The Vega engine is plain gray without any texturing. The Hermes main parachute is like 1 meter long but registers as something like 20 meters long. It appears that the parachute reads in the VAB as if it is open and extended. This causes the Hermes Ethoh to be too tall to launch in a level 1 VAB.
  2. Wings of Glory History: The F-6 Comet and the Thean Civil War Near the end of the Oceanic war the United Kerbos Territories brought fourth their first jet powered fighter to combat the jets used by their enemies. It was quite conservative in design with straight wings and no radical innovations besides the immensely powerful engine. Manufactured by the aerospace giant Belling in 1945 the P-72, later re designated the F-6 following the war when the Air Force became its own service and a unified naming system for all military aircraft was put into place, was faster than any piston powered f
  3. Wings of Glory Prelude: Fire in the Skies “Odin Flight; ATC reports three to four radar intercepts closing in on your position.” The Lead pilot called into the radio as he flipped the lever that took his guns off safety, “Odin 1 acknowledging. What is their bearing and speed?” “Odin 1 they are coming from the North-East traveling at 600 knots.” The three F-6 Comet fighters turned in unison as they prepared to meet their attackers head on with the lead calling back, “ATC Confirm enemy speed.”
  4. I have been trying all day to get this mod to work but it just wont. I have the newest release of KSP. I downloaded Kopernicus. I downloaded the Galileo version and original version of the Outer Planets mod and neither worked. No matter how I unpack the game data folders the planets completely refuse to appear. Is there a special way to download the mod or is there a specific patch that I need? I have module manager installed.
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