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  1. I feel this is precisely why consumers do have a role to play in guiding the large corporations in an ethical direction. I whole heartedly agree that we need to have more focus on developing "(work)culture, art, self education and the encouragement of empathy, critical thinking and responsibility." Still, if those managing large corporations are so distanced from the implementation of their decisions that they disregard the consequences of them, we'd have no option but to "hit them where it hurts", which is the bottom line. Profit. So boycuts or policy regulations still have par
  2. I appreciate that developers are still confirming that the end product will be great, but I'm still quite saddened by how Star Theory came to an end. I also wager the half that haven't been employed by Intercept/Private Division feel different about the situation right now. Hopefully they can also appreciate how KSP2 eventually turn out. I hope at that point in time I feel better about Take Two and their business management concerning development of this game.
  3. I just now found out about the Take Two poaching of Star Theory employees, and although it's true that many facts are unknown I fail to see how anything can completely justify going out on LinkedIn and employ a third of the development team leaving the company both short staffed and without work. If you're not satisfied with their work, fire them, don't dismantle the company. I signed the petition, simply because I was really looking forward to a well funded and modern take on KSP, and then I hear about such unethical management of the process. As much as I looked forward to tr
  4. Good example, I agree with you. This guide has helped me a lot when I struggled with how to put together a stable spaceplane. I'm by no means good at it yet, but the concepts are sound. Just take a look at the first part that covers balance, where the author writes: "Basically, CoL in front of CoM = flip happy. CoL too far behind CoM = lawn dart."
  5. Hi everyone I'm thrilled to announce myself amongst this great spacefaring community of kerbonauts. I have to say that a mere minutes after loading Kerbal Space Program the first time, I was thoroughly hooked. According to my wife it's a waste of time, and my two year old son just casts me strange glances and whispers to my wife: "What is dad doing?" But still, the game is simply put brilliant and I find the career mode continually rewarding. You start out without more clue than putting together a command pod and strapping a "big" rocket underneath it and watch it shoot off - and
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