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  1. He did it again. Disregard this post.
  2. Sorry about this, my brother was in my account and was very immature. He made a thread named "KSP sucks" Can someone delete this thread?
  3. 10/10 You're on pretty much ANY thread I go on,
  4. Banned for showing violent images (The Kraken).
  6. Wrote 200 lines of code for a robot and it wouldn't load... Debugged it for four hours until I found out I had just used a single rather than double quote.
  7. Despite Kerbals looking like Stayputniks when on EVA, I'm excited for the new DLC.
  8. I have spent a lot of time using both, and I would personally recommend the Vive. It is highly immersive and realistic, and sure gives a bang for its buck. While the Rift also works perfectly fine, it does feel kind of cheesy and unrealistic.
  9. /\/\ This /\ /\ My RAM and GPU usage were at 99% before I installed this... But a 40 minute startup time for KSP is worth it for this mod.
  10. This mod is amazing! Especially the amount of detail put into the IVAs
  11. NovaSilsko confirmed this to be a glitch, and only few people were able to hear it. It most likely has been since removed.
  12. I think when referring to kerbalkind in general use Kerbal, and kerbal for just a single kerbal.
  13. Thanks! I think the issue was that the other Mass Driver was out of range.
  14. Hey @Angel-125 Could you explain how to use the Pipeline Mass Driver, as I found no documentation on it.
  15. Do not ingest or directly contact Magic Boulder Doing so may cause HIGHLY EXPLOSIVE diarrhea
  16. 0/10 You used correct grammar I, John Human, confirm my status as a human with a note from the digital commander.. I mean Presdent of the World: John=Human
  17. How to make flot base atJool well u cud use blimp bu how u build an mov. U use hexeigien nd scoop to mor pwr rcs buh u still full. shh u use Jtpick to fly but how mke slw u edt file buh still get ore. Thn u felt 0g and no wht fly hight buh how enta many htshilds. Then u flt n bld wit jtpac Don't question me
  18. Yes! @The Dunatian Wait a second, you knew I was online didn't you.