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  1. No, at first I though that too. But it appears even without WindowShine and with KS3P the purple visors still appear. In second note installing the updated shaders version for TextureReplacerReplaced does fix the Problem with WindowShine not working, but still doesn't allow KS3P without it having Purple Visors/Windows.
  2. Then it work very well. While I am not sure if it looks exactly like an normal installation it does look rather good. I don't know exactly about the gas giants the clouds don't seem to move as planed. The steps involve. 1. Deleting every file in the cloud configs, except for the OPM files, if you want Jool rings keep the Jool ring folder. 2. Delete all Scatterer config files in the Scatterer folder for all the stock planets. The Scatterer planets config file, I don't know about what it does I just removed all mentions of the Stock planets. 3. Open the could config files and rename the dependencies of SVT to Spectra 4: Don't touch the Textures folder 5. Then place all 3 folders into the Spectra folder. Sorry: I cannot provide pictures yet, I don't have an imgur account. PS: Also found out that Spectra does not work with KS3P, it causes all reflection to glitch and turn a bright purple. Look rather funny while doing an EVA.
  3. I tried it and it worked, somewhat. As I used the Stock Visual Terrain mod and threw out anything that would change the stock planets and only left the stuff for the OPM mod. The clouds and everything appear, although it causes Scatterer to glitch out. I.e ocean waves don't display, sunrises/sets don't work, they turn white. Other than that it does work. Right now figuring out how to fix that
  4. Awesome mod. I was wondering if it possible to get this mod working with the Outer Planets Mod. I.e with some file sharing of Stock Visual Terrain mod, specifically for the Outer Planets clouds, and scatter configs. Or will it completely break the game?
  5. You wont believe it but, it didn't work, but it did work after for some reason removing distant object enhancement...(Don't know why). Removing that mod also greatly reduced the memory trash build up. After doing that the game finally booted up. Guess Problem solved! Happy Holidays!
  6. Congrats on 1.3.1 release! In the previous version I had the problem, with the planet pack not loading, this time the planet pack/game just gives me an error message about Kopernicus. I have downloaded the new version of Kopernicus, but this did not solve it. Also tried the new module manager, also didn't solve it. On the last time I ask about the planet pack not loading in 1.3.1 where the mod was on 1.3, I did manage for it to load although it gave me a lot of micro stutters/trash memory build up. Making it unplayable. Any Ideas? Thx for your support!
  7. Awesome Mod, This mod was really a game changer for me, my KSP game went from micro freezing every few seconds to having rare micro freezes! Thank you so much for making this mod!
  8. Great Mod, I have tried installing it on another computer like in the instructions, but it does not seem to work. On start up you can clearly see that the mod is there (Background picture is different, looks awesome by the way!). But after the game loaded, nothing is different. Upon further gameplay (creating new save file and checking out tracking station), the once Kerbin is now a black sphere with eeloo missing. At the KSC the sky is also black. I don´t know what to do....I have followed the instructions carefully, but with no success. I tried giving a screenshot but my pc gives me a weird error, sorry. The same install is on another computer, but with less mods, and works. Are there any mods that cause this? I also tried a clean install with same effect. Thank you for your help. PS: Happy Holidays!
  9. Awesome Mod! When I first read the "Jool" description, a Jool with troll face came to my mind. Jool really did troll the Kerbals for a LONG time! But one question remains why did all other probes fail to land on Jool before the surface was observable? PS: Where did Gilly go?
  10. Awesome Mod. Sometimes when I warp to fast towards Oluum my ram usage goes thru the roof and crashes my laptop. It seems to happen when the visuals mod load Oluum to slowly, because the hard drive does not responded fast enough and when it does then get the information the VRam and Ram usage goes thru the roof. Also is Oluum a brown dwarf, because its not a star nor a gas giant? The documents folder where we can write in science definitions, there are some planets/moons missing. Is this because there already done or why aren't some there? One last question how long did it take you make this? Thanks again for making such a great mod
  11. Thank you for replying on my question. I also have one for (after kerbin mod). If the timeline is, (before Kerbin), (Stock), (after Kerbin). Then why not put in your Olu'um Ignition mod in between (Stock) and (after Kerbin). Because for me at least it would make more sense. This would make a more detailed timeline and would incorporate Olu'um Ignition mod in the timeline.
  12. Great Mod. One Question: Are the planet wide aurora borealis on Eve a sign that the planets magnetic field is fading away due to slow rotation? Because if yes this would also explain the stock Eve's deadly Atmosphere and high pressures #Venus. Just asking this probably a stupid Question.