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  1. https://www.nbcnews.com/mach/science/scientists-hatch-bold-plan-save-planet-supervolcano-ncna799166 Drilling not a feasible plan? 99% human life extinction event, yeah absolutely to expensive to work on this situation. Cool let's watch the nice scenery before everyone dies. Just throwing this out there think twice before you suggest future generations will enjoy an area of mass extinction levels. Anyhow have a great time. I'll be over here with a realistic mind set. Those that say hide, if you survive, good luck having a food an water supply. Always interesting to get the trolling going: Thanks for the entertainment.
  2. Interest AI is not quite more intelligent then humans. Systematically running a million scenarios every few hours or less. To improve it's own capabilities. As such this is OPENai and probably just a sample of what is truly out there. I am fairly certain the is all kinds of "strong" AI. Not, like everything is shared publicly. Use some imagination of what companies are up to.
  3. Artificial Intelligence: Can we redesign the world? So I have thought about how AI systems are become so much more powerful and complex. So along those lines could computer system AI become self learning enough like google DEEPMIND project to improve just about everything? : Antivirus software with DEEPMIND rooted together so that another computer system could repeatedly attempt to hack with various viruses, then after such a point the Antivirus software with DEEPMIND becomes aware of creating a defense or destroying the virus as soon as detected. Redesign the virus attacking computer to become aware that it has still not found a route of taking control of the device, as this cause the DEEPMIND system would be added to the virus computer to make that happen. As well as come up with combinations of the current viruses to learn and then create more complex viruses of it's own to unlimited possibilities. This in turn could maybe help some networks get an antivirus software that would be incredibly unbeatable. "Antivirus software" is a relative term as to what software it would actually be called, would be up to the designer of course. DEEPMIND self learning AI could possibly learn the capabilities of the current computer system the AI is working in then calculate all kinds of different computer technology improvements. For example the move from HDD to Solid State Drives, seem to be a great step. Of my own curiosity would multiple flash drives being so small, be converted together easily enough to make like say a 40-500 Terabyte Solid State Hard Drive of sorts? This might be the ultimate kicker if two computers are running DEEPMIND and they both begin communication with each other, in an effort to improve their AI. Would it be possible for the DEEPMIND AI on each machine to learn to create just about anything. Such as a biological organism 3D printer for lack of a better term, in which case tissue of a person could be sampled to create a whole new organ within hours. This is just another thought of no evidence or research yet. With such efficient ways to have computers redesign various capabilities of current technology, I believe I read that the DEEPMIND AI developed a way to reduce cooling cost of googles systems by 40%. Along with all those aspects imagine the future designs this system could create for Aerospace, Rocket design, Possibly another way to enter space in a vehicle made to take flight and at a distance predetermined to quickly speed up the the Earth's atmosphere. Although if such technology becomes available likely this won't be a issue. Alien technology UFO you may think of in this case to explore space more quickly than we have ever before. These are just various comments on possibly some ways DEEPMIND AI could help advance the world. In no way do I say these are feasible or close to even happening at this point. With an Artificial Intelligence system and nano-technology and creative ingenuity, seems like most anything is possible perhaps probable. Just some interesting thoughts in my opinion. Have a great day. Thanks, for reading
  4. Actually best off to just let it be, in all realistic ideas is to just forget it exists and enjoy the landscape and beauty of the place. I actually live in Montana, and been to Yellowstone at one point, I believe in a class field trip. However, in any case of the manner the best logical idea is to do nothing.
  5. Forget I ever posted. Have a great life or continue to have a great life however you want to put it.
  6. Interestingly enough some or most of you failed to understand or reflect on the first statement. Which build a real-time, real-world simulation program. Which could clearly help understand how to go about working on the issue. I'm sure the computer program may cost $20,000.00 at most. Practice in real world situations probably $100,000++ consistently unfeasible. The dome idea was a simple idea of last resort in the case of some pressure release, also caused an explosion of some magnitude. Clearly such a computer program that you design ideal models in a CAD program or similar would be ideal for studying first. Always do find it interesting that a lot of people become quick to judge an idea saying this or that won't work. Yet seem to not offer anything of constructive value. Makes most of the world understand why the human race won't survive. Ignorance is bliss.
  7. First off a software program as such to have multiple input capabilities to simulate events that may take place by all known physics and other natural calculations should be developed. With this in mind I am sure we can measure a close approximation of the Yellowstone Caldera, as to calculate an area of appropriate size to release pressure. With this information calculate a sizable underground hole to create. In this hole create a lining of some type to keep the lava there. Also a tunnel system would lead to the ocean with the same lining. This would have the intention of giving the lava a place to release a great deal of pressure and the flow to a point to reach the tunnel to slowly cool into the ocean. Also if deemed a worthwhile prevention in the event of failure and catastrophic explosion, maybe a tremdous dome of reinforced metal could be put over the area and greatly weighted down with huge metal structures that would be anchored in the ground quite a ways with concrete. Maybe something in this plan will have value to help construct a resolution. Thanks for reading
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