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  1. I had to delete the part config and model references as with some other less broken parts. Looks like the light module isn't properly defined for 'em.
  2. I saw your avatar and title and I near burst out laughing. Wow.

  3. Try what I did here; removing only the .mu files probably wouldn't work. As for the particular part name in configs, the wiki is actually pretty good for that: https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Parts/FuelTank/fuelTankJumbo-64/fuelTankJumbo-64.cfg
  4. Before you go blowing your mind, know that it technically doesn't support 1.3 so if you have any issues you're out of luck. But yeah, I haven't noticed any problems.
  5. When I saw a Poodmund post in this thread in my notifications, I jumped for joy. Fantastic! And yeah, as Astronomer's Visual Pack is gaining momentum, maybe that would be a good standard to work towards.
  6. The biggest memory hogs are Outer planets (completely irrelevant) and the visual mods, which could all be omitted for better performance. Thank you anyways!
  7. What I did in my brief stunt to update this mod was just blindly follow Galileo's SVE config layout, but I ended up somehow overwriting Laythe's atmosphere config with that of Tekto, leaving Tekto as a blank black sphere. Every other atmosphere actually worked fine and looked as intended (Thatmo in particular is beautiful). It was pretty gnarly. Someone with actual knowledge of the code could hopefully update this real easily...
  8. You can install the mod without breaking things, but it won't function at all. There's some updated syntax that at first glance is incredibly easy to bring to par but I haven't figured it out myself.
  9. Excuse the "necro-quote", but do you still have this on hand? I'm interested in making some sort of ion-space plane as well. Namely with Argon since I don't have the magnetoplasmadynamic engines yet. Edit: Adding modular tanks certainly enables easy Xenon usage but Argon or Lithium would require modification.
  10. It's a miracle that this is the only major bug I have with this setup. @Pthigrivi If you make the LV-Ns use liquid fuel, the existing ones should continue to function just fine with no losses. The boiloff is only a thing with the new Hydrogen fuel, which by default only exists in the wire frame cryo tanks.
  11. I caught what's happening with the nuclear engines on video. This one very reliably ceases to function at 80 m/s for no discernible reason. The strangest thing is that it maintains that speed (fluctuating based on rotation?) until the rocket spontaneously dissociates from stress and the game engine realizes "oh right, that's not supposed to be happening" and puts gravity back into place.
  12. I'm still losing my mind over the dang thrustless nuclear engines. I reinstalled all my mods so it wasn't just a plain anomaly, but I have no idea where to begin in terms of stripping down mods. Edit: Well, they are working on a new save file after the reinstall. It might just be this rocket that's cursed at this point; I've terminated it in the hopes that a future one will follow in the functional footsteps of this sandbox one!
  13. I suppose I'll have to look deeper into this; my biggest concern is how they worked fine for the first few minutes and then ceased to function. What exactly do you mean by "advanced integrations"?
  14. This doesn't modify any stock planets, but keep in mind that of course you also won't get any of the visual effects from those mods on the outer planes; their standard stock look is quite janky and low-fi in comparison. There is a mod, Pood's OPM-VO, which adds SVE-style scatterer etc. enhancements to the outer planets, but it's only for 1.2.
  15. Yup I've got a somewhat smaller base on the mün that I've been scared to heck of this happening to but so far I've been lucky. Will be a nice relief when this bug gets removed.
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