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  1. Do you have plans to bring in things like Dragon, Falcon 9/Heavy, Starship/Superheavy, New Glenn, Electron, etc style things or are you going to just recreate the famous rockets of old, ULA rockets, and SLS
  2. Those planet textures look 100x better than the ones from that old mod locked in your basement Also Both of you still have the "KSS Creator" and "KSS Team" logos
  3. #back from the dead. Pathfinder gives you support through your dev. and First Comment
  4. I said it was a 2 man project. And I already got a partner. sorry :p
  5. I already have a team of 2 assembled. Sorry. And most of the ideas for the planets are going to be split between the 2 of us on the team. Plus, you have stated you can make planets
  6. Yo, I'm actually planning to let go of kerbal galaxy to work on my own mod with another person. If you want you can work on it. I got a KG discord if you want to have it. I can't work with you on your planet mod But I will cheer you on. I can't wait to see what both of our mods become. Also, I can't make textures. That's why I got another person to make my mod with me. If you want KG and the discord. Just come to the server and message me. https://discord.gg/ZBpSdDA
  7. Another thing. Good luck with this mod. Don't frick up like last time.
  8. You mod is cool but many of the textures have polar seems and the near polar star doesn't look the best with the rotations of the planet. Scatterer and EVE look nice but could use a bit of work. I see tons of potential in this mod so keep up the good work. Also there is a series of habitable planets that are like 6 in a row. That seems a bit weird and especially with the sizes of them compared to their moons. Maybe move some planets around so you don't get this "Habitableception" effect
  9. Just planet packs in general (AfK, GPO, KSS, OWR, WW) , Making history, Some stuff about strazenblitz's laythe helicarrier.
  10. At least this will be better than youtube rewind
  11. I will now be taking the revival of Kerbal Galaxy into my own hands. Don't expect immediate results because I have my own personal things going on but this mod will be brought back.
  12. I feel the mainsail, rhino, and skipper need a re-texture, and maybe the reliant and swivel
  13. Can you change my name to "Emperor Of Ilve" (I have my reasons, has to do with my discord name)
  14. Doesn't look so hostile. Not like those are acid seas. At least I think they aren't. Well, I'll figure it out when I get there
  15. Looks great. This will make a great addition to the ksp time line. Also will the new home system be compatible with After kerbin as a system to escape to
  16. If you still own this mod would you like to transfer the license to the Kerbal Star system team and we can update Re-texture and maintain this mod.
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