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  1. Stage recovery seems to work for me in sandbox but not in career mode. Is this suppose to happen and will it be unlocked later in my play through.
  2. No Lets let it go. OWR is being expanded so extrasolar doesn’t need it as much
  3. Excuse me but are you still maintaining this mod and if so are you interested in letting Starcrusher96 the developer of Kerbal Star System make it compatible
  4. I'm building a ship with the Kerbstein drive and am lacking anywhere near enough LithiumHydride to even use the ship. Is there a way to get more LithiumHydride. All of the tutorials are to old to account for the Kerbstein Drive so I thought you might have the answer.
  5. For some reason every single base I try to launch from the launch fails, only stock/Making history launch sites work. I'm using 1.4.3 and the newest version of KK.
  6. Um, I'm not a mod maker The most I know is how to some what edit kopernicus planets.
  7. What can I do to get them to be RO compatible, I know it's possible since I've scene Youtubers like Marcus House using them.
  8. By any chance is anyone using the launchers pack (Space X Rockets) having only the falcon 1 parts as RO compatible but the Flacon 9 Parts keep saying Non-RO.
  9. I have a probe headed to Valentine (Extrasolar mod) and will reach a slingshot maneuver with Heba in about 25ish years. (Made in one single burn from Kerbin with about 5km/s Delta V spent) Probably will try to see If I can do the same with this. But cool mod, do you have any plans for other planet mods after this one is finished? I'm in the design stage for one I intend to create.
  10. Was there a problem with landing legs exploding with the slightest of nudges. Because I have that problem.
  11. I have the same problem. Also, will Before Kerbin update with After Kerbin.
  12. What happened to the planets shown in the old screen shots from the original post over a year ago were the scatterer/EVE configurable lost in the great scatterer crisis of late 2017
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