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  1. first i built like a huge ssto, my pc couldn't even load it in, then rebuilt by your ideas in small... it still needs flights but what i learnt from that is that bigger is not allways better
  2. an ssto that small? hmm that birdie looks noice... also its incredible how it can fly so far away...
  3. Can i use the deltav map to see how much Dv I need by the nuke engines? Also glad we have that deltav tool that shows your total Dv in VAB, I mean, If MaTt LoWnE dId It ThEn EvEn I cOuLd Do It DoN't YoU tHiNk?!
  4. I'm planning building one with mk4 parts to hold 16 kerbals in it, but all I know is you need rapier engines that can get you to LKO, and then just nuclear engines to the rest of your flight... though should i calculate the delta-V with that little community map? or just test if the rapiers work, and then just off we go? I really would like to know if I would need to make any calculations with the nuclear engines...
  5. So that dv indicator in the VAB shows how many Dv you can create before fuel runs out, am I understood it right?
  6. so, i don't know how much fuel to pack till duna, because if you pack too low amount, then for circularizing and for all that, you'll not have enough fuel, and if you pack too much, then your weight will be too big, and you will consume a lot of fuel for a small amount of deltav
  7. I use RWs allways, specially when i launch it cuz it spins everywhere. also use some wheels in the ext fuel tank.
  8. yes it happens during reentry update: i landed my old shuttle with small wings and it worked. then i built a bigger winged shuttle but it had issues with the launching so i sticked with the small wing design, cuz if you reentry you just have to pre-align your orbit with normal-anti normal, and when you enter then you just have to play with prograde and 40° degree angle
  9. so I have a space shuttle with delta wings u know the real space shuttle copy, and sometimes the sideway-aerodinamic forces make it spin out sideways uncontrollably. What could i do to make it more stable against drag? I think the answer might would be bigger wings but i dunno...
  10. hmmm... interesting... can u see somehow how many dV your spacecraft can make?
  11. In one of Matt Lowne's videos I heard that to go to eloo your rocket need to reach a total delta-v of 4000 m/s. But what this mean? Is this means that that's the max deceleration or acceleration what you'll need to make, or what? He also stated out that his fuel just ran out before reaching that speed. I wanna make some rockets and put some stations on distant planets and an ssto that can send crew on them and back to kerbin, and i was just curious what could this total delta-v mean, and how it could help me make it.
  12. I know that a burn on full throttle can solve this issue, but the value still stays the same
  13. I undocked my spacecraft and maneuver node est. burn shows inaccurate value. it shows the actual value divided by 30 or something like that, but thats really inaccurate estimation, how could i fix this? (I also used bracket keys for quick switch)
  14. Thank you! this guide helped me a lot ('n' saved me a ton of fuel!) with the help of it, i managed to put another piece to my space station with my shuttle! (in the left you can see the station)
  15. i did a hohmann transfer rendezvous but i have no idea what's next... slow myself down to zero at 15,000 m like the in-game tutorial showed? I hate the KSP tutorial because its just complete BS and it works very differently. in the tutorial, your target speed allways reduces naturally, and the prograde marker alligns up with the target marker... i used to slow down to 5.0 m/s and then speed up to 10.0 m/s back-and-forth-back-and-forth until i managed to get close enough but then both craft started to spin like they wanna orbit each other, and drifting away, and dancing around, and i have no idea what to do cuz im tryin' like for 3 days now and i'm frustrated!!!!!!
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