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  1. Doesn't seem like the wormhole does anything for me, I just approach it and nothing happens, instead bumping into the solid cube inside. I'm running galaxies unbound if that helps.
  2. Posting to this thread since I think the deepfreeze experiments come from DSEV. The lab GUI Says I need 10 units of glykerol despite having over 2000 on my station. I've tried bolting a container of the stuff to the mobile processing lab but it still doesn't let me progress.
  3. Have you considered adding parts for the rockwell X-33 proposal some time down the line?
  4. How am I actually supposed to get down from starship? Is there an elevator being added?
  5. Not sure how to go about installing these, I've placed the files into the kosmodrome gamedata folder but not change
  6. I'm trying to get the N1 parts from before the revamp to get one of my old craft files to work, how would I go about bringing them over into the latest version?
  7. How did you go about installing the gitlab download? I might've installed mine incorrectly. Did you just put everything in the KSRSS folder into gamedata?
  8. still isn't working at all, even outside of the menu
  9. clouds still aren't showing up despite selecting resolution and rebooting , I'm using the 1.11 version
  10. The ability to toggle the MMOD and change the texturing of certain parts for me seems to have dissapeared. Last time I installed this mod with the exact same suite of mods i was using beforehand they were present. any idea what could be causing this? This is the list of mods I'm using:
  11. Having issues with shadows being glitchy, any way to fix this? I'm running scatterer and EVE alongside TUFX
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