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  1. Subnautica

    The truth is, I'm really not that good at coding things.
  2. Something funny

    Check out this video. Read the description aswell. [snip] classic flat earthers.
  3. Subnautica

    I'm not really savvy at coding and stuff like that.
  4. Subnautica

    Yosh. Along with the aurora, maybe the sunbeam, neptune escape rocket, Seamoth, and cyclops
  5. Subnautica

    Somebody PLEASE make a mod that adds in the aurora from subnautica.
  6. Boarding a vessel help

    I'll go with the AFF approach for everything then. If you want to see how it looks, look up angels fall first boarding. We're talking about warships and civilian ships here aswell.
  7. Boarding a vessel help

    The reason I want to keep airtightness is because this method is going to be used to capture vessels intact and usable. I like the idea of pretending to be space junk, so the pod will make very discreet thruster firings and cloak organic life signs. For less extreme boarding procedures I'm going to use a method from angels fall first (great game, check it out) where a drop ship approaches the vessel, turns around and makes the door of the infantry carrying area make contact with the ship. Then a hole is cut and a tube extends through the armor. The infantry module is then detatched from the dropship and left there.
  8. Boarding a vessel help

    Harpoons it is then. I'm thinking I'd replace the explosive charges concept with a laser cutter.
  9. Boarding a vessel help

    So, the pod's door should make contact with the breach, and then a flex seal like bond will be deployed to seal the breach. The pod door was not making contact in the previous thing.
  10. [1.3.x] Comfortable Landing [V1.4]

    Can you add support for capsule corp endeavour?
  11. So I'm trying to come up with a strategy for boarding ships for my sci fi universe. I 'm thinkthing that basically, an escape pod like vehicle carrying a team of commandos would be launched from a dropship. It would rocket towards the enemy vessel and ram into it with 4 prongs to keep the pod in place. Explosive charges would then bust a hole in front of the pod, then an airtight sleeve would deploy the seal the hole and create a tunnel from the hole to the pod. For larger ships, this could be used in bigger numbers. Suggestions? Comments? Other ideas?
  12. Supercarrier help

    Magical space drive, they do have. Battleships would move slower because it seems more fitting. (Keep in mind not everything in this universe is based off scientific fact. chunks of it are just there because it seems cooler or it would allow more action.) Artificial gravity generators are present within most ships, but seatbelts are still used on shuttles and fast moving craft like fighters.
  13. Supercarrier help

    What's a sci fi universe without space fighters?!?!?!? Star trek has none, but it kinda makes it boring.