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  1. Cold waters scenario #2 "Good morning gentlekerbs. You made quick work of that radar station on your previous sortie, and now we have a new issue. surveillance aircraft flying near the abandoned kapeo airfield have discovered a makeshift rebel airbase with long range bombers stationed there. if this airbase is allowed to continue operations, the rebels have the capability to strike many of our key facilities. your next mission is to put it out of commission for the time being. The airbase is protected by multiple AA emplacements, so be aware. Good luck. https://drive.google.com/open?id=18Y3cIpm6l8flGGKHrwNMEDF94Y_uJxvV
  2. This is a thread made for sharing your scenarios made with the Kerbal Combat Simulator pack of mods. Pictures are appreciated, but not mandatory.
  3. Found a big bug. Everything from the new airbases except the runways appears floating in space on the menu screen.
  4. BTW, whatever happened to the ISV venture star from DSEV?
  5. when will the excalibur be ready?
  6. I'd also like some more scenarios
  7. Does anyone have a craft file for an ICBM using this mod?
  8. Is anything new coming for both of the cc mods?
  9. Jhorriga

    New easter egg?

    cool. Is there a more in depth explanation
  10. Jhorriga

    New easter egg?

    Huh. Whats the deal behind the sstv hill?
  11. Jhorriga

    New easter egg?

    I think I've found 2 new easter eggs. 1: TARDIS hiding behind some crates outside of R&D" 2: Strange hill on duna that emits really annoying sound Anyone else encountered these? Start new topic
  12. does the cerv cockpit have an interior?