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  1. @Devinous the only thing where they mention stuff regarding to ee is the weeklys in The daily Kerbal section. But there are not really informations about the Future of ee. @UomoCapra mentioned that they will work on future updates but thats all i know.
  2. @obney kerman is It ok to use hardware thats already at the Mun? Ive got an nice asteroid in high Mun orbit that i would like to implement in the Station
  3. PrvDancer85

    what place is the most beautiful to you?

    Stock Dunapoles at twilight, no clue how anything looks with mods
  4. PrvDancer85

    Docking Help / DOCKING ? HELP !!!

    According to the Wiki screenshot is f1
  5. I dont think it's a bug, it just like how the game handels switching back to the vessel
  6. PrvDancer85

    Docking Help / DOCKING ? HELP !!!

    Maybe i know where your problem is. Do u burn to zero target velocity when still 2 km out from your target? If so, dont do that Thats a good starting Point but just kill your target speed when u that .2km away. Than u can get closer with rcs
  7. PrvDancer85

    Any news on the next update.

    I guess because there are no bugs, at least for the ps4 version
  8. PrvDancer85

    How to Submarine

  9. PrvDancer85

    map view switch target on console?

    True but only in radial preset
  10. PrvDancer85

    map view switch target on console?

    I guess you mean focus View? That used to be r1 l1 on ps4 (guess lb rb are the xbox counterparts) in mapview but that doesnt work that Way in EE. If thats what u want u have to hit the mun or what ever and click focus view.
  11. PrvDancer85

    Enhanced Edition died

    That's the spirit
  12. PrvDancer85

    Enhanced Edition died

    Yeah i know what u mean. I had corrupted saves since EE onces but that restored it self, never saw any game did this before and i dont know how it did that. Can u at least start a fresh game without freezing?
  13. PrvDancer85

    Enhanced Edition died

    Sorry to hear that mate. Have u tried to start your save with the cloudbackup that the ps automaticly made, no idea if this will help but maybe worth to try. Maybe back up your system saves on an usb drive
  14. Scott got u, at 1:30 he starts with kerbnet. Note that different probecores have different changes of finding an anomaly Can u do that in orbit with the rover mate?
  15. PrvDancer85

    Stock fairing settings explanation?

    In the console Version the side slider do what the op descrip but the fairing behave normal