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  1. PrvDancer85

    KSP Loading... A closer look into Update 1.6

    First of all: many thanks for sharing infos about ee, since a long time now i feel like i've been given some useful infos were ee is going. Thanks I personally dont care if we stay in the same version of the game as long as it is running smooth. We are getting new variants of parts and features while the gameplay is getting better? Just awesome If the console version of the game somewhat deviates from the pc version so be it, they would never be fully comparalbe. As long as the core stays the same in terms of stats on parts and the kerbol system i'm all fine with that. So from all features after 1.2.1 hmm. How posible would it be to see the dv calculation on consoles in the near future? Maybe thats a bit much to ask for... Anyways i'm excited to hear more
  2. PrvDancer85

    Cool Spaceplane ideas

    My first stable in all situations (so far i've tested yet) Mk3 isru SP 2700dv left in lko, about 4600 on the nukes refueled, could start form vall acc. to math.
  3. PrvDancer85

    Cool Spaceplane ideas

    A pretty big beast
  4. PrvDancer85

    Cool Spaceplane ideas

    I make a few pics when i'm home again
  5. PrvDancer85

    Cool Spaceplane ideas

    I've made a rescue mk3 spaceplane for a crashed spaceplane on laythe. It has a isru for refueling on laythe and minmus. Would u like to see stuff like that?
  6. Welcome to the forums! A sreenshot of the lander would help much. Do you have a pilot on board of the lander? Does it spin faster without any further inputs from your side? Do you run out of ec on the lander? Without more info we can just guess what's going on
  7. PrvDancer85

    Mods for xbox & other consoles

    My hope is that with the unity upgrade for ee they will also upgrade to ksp 1.6 and when they have ironed out the dv calculation in 1.6 we will have ingame dv readouts. At least that's what i'm dreaming
  8. Squad/T2 are working on a ee version with an unity update, stuff like this will probably be adressed on that, i guess but a real info what they do havent been announced jet and welcome to the forums
  9. PrvDancer85

    DOMA Arigato, Duna!

    @dire it's not my challenge and i've no clue about mods. However i will follow your missionreport, maybe i learn some stuff about mks
  10. PrvDancer85

    DOMA Arigato, Duna!

    You ment minmus right? And with landing and kerbin return the mission will take over 10 days.
  11. PrvDancer85

    Duna InSight Challenge

    No need to hurry, i havent put any badges to display
  12. PrvDancer85

    Duna InSight Challenge

    I wanted to do the challenge just to built the lander so i've gone for rank 1
  13. @direI guess the tricky part is the 10 days missiontime
  14. Welcome to the forums, info's are shared at the daily and annoucement section here on the forum. I dont think the console port will get mod support, the mods the pc crowd are using are made for the pc version
  15. the blue needles indicate percise mode and it's supposed to make your inputs finer, it's not so important for a console guy because you can adjust incremental with the stick, on pc you get more deflection if you hold the button longer, so u dont have to go full deflection @mach4. So it's not supposed to trim, i wrote a bugreport months ago. But you are right that it works better to trim stuff than the current trimsystem. i guess it should had been the new trimsystem but something got messed up at the last "patch"