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  1. I realy like the groundbreaking so far, no more calculating dv by hand os just so nice. But the dv app on the right side of the screen keeps duplicating itself, 6 dv apps was the most so far. Anybody else got this too?
  2. Yeah you're right that some contracts just wont work, wich is ultra annoying. So just for your sake avoid test contracts u dont need them
  3. My vessels sometimes explode when switching to them, doesnt matter if u click on them or via trackingstation. After loading a save all works fine, so now i even save before switching to a vessel. Yeah some QA would really be nice. Ive noticed that flags expolde on eve when u timewarp near them...
  4. Interstellartravel and building colony stuff even on console sounds pretty awesome to me. Lets hope for a good start
  5. Mapview helps me but u have to stay in that view. But i havent any problems with fps when stay on the runway or move less than 200ms or be high enough. I thought it has something to do the visual mach effects or something, cause everything else gets also calculated even in mapview.
  6. @LegendaryAce do u have constand 10 fps with your less then 70 part craft? Ive a craft (67 parts) witch suffers from extreme fps drop but only in atmo and over 200ms. If i go into mapview the fps go to normal again. So i do my acends in mapview just to bypass the fps drop. Edit The flag issue has been fixed with the latest update, at least for me
  7. I have the same issue with a spacestation at duna. Bugtraker
  8. There is some fishy stuff happening for me to, valentina has been to mun minmus duna ike jool moons excluding tylo and is still a 2☆. sometimes when i try to rendeuve with my spacestation the station does get pushed away by some kind of shadow force. Switching to an vessel makes it explode. Expanding the inflatable heatshild will send the vessel out of the kerbolsystem with the speed of light.
  9. @Cruss i dont have problems with building stuff like that. I wasnt aware of the "new" aero/drag/heat thing. I havent played ksp in quite a while for my self, so i was superprised as my wings explode...
  10. I'm having the same issue, also on ps4. Together with camera gets stuck in vab/sph its a really i pain in the back to build and test things this days. I've never pressed the save button that much while building...
  11. @bewing @severedsolo thanks for the answers. I havent realy played the game for half a year and i was used to go much steper throu the atmo without exploding anything. This renders winged ssto useless for me, i dont want to do several aerobreaks coming from just the mun, what about interplantery travels would u even be able to aerobrake to kerbinorbit coming from jool???
  12. @severedsolo hmm i can throw a mk1pod with a parachute from mun just fine without a heatshield at a 35km peri. The wings have 200kelvin heattolerance more. What iam curios about is that the first wing explode even above 60km.
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