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  1. PrvDancer85

    Problem with action group

    That doesnt contain a real info therefor is no news
  2. PrvDancer85

    Problem with action group

    I have no clue, there is an bugreport for that at the bugtracker but it seems nobody cares. There is no info about updates for EE since nearly 3 month now
  3. PrvDancer85

    Problem with action group

    There is a bug since the last update that blocks some functions of actiongroups, toggle a servicebay a.e.
  4. I remember bewing wrote something about 1 intake per engine and i never tried that before. This is technicly an 1.2.2 install its on ps4. Thanks
  5. Hey, This goes to orbit and has About 2700dv left in lko. It flies quite nice and has no problem at reentry even with half the fuel left. I realy like this thing but i'm alittle confused why it works with just one airintake.
  6. PrvDancer85

    Internal antennas and CommNet

    Nice if it works for u now, i thought u didnt wanted to lose connection at all thats why suggested an external antenna. But as long as your planechange manuever is half way throu minmus it wont matter if u lose connection
  7. PrvDancer85

    Internal antennas and CommNet

    Hi and welcome to the forums. I will just link the Wiki and a thread from yesterday, should include all infos that u need. If u put one of the first antennas u should be good to go
  8. PrvDancer85

    Stock game communications range

    If u dont want the restrictions with commnet, then just turn it off. I'm sorry i dont get what your question is but here are some informations regarding commnet and antenna ranges
  9. PrvDancer85

    Help with structural failure!

    It could be autostrut reattaching. Do u have some autostruts on heaviest part? The heaviest part could be changing during flight due to fuel consume. I had something simular and setting autostrut to grandparent helped, maybe its the same for u.
  10. PrvDancer85

    Another Flipping Problem (eve)

    Try putting another big heatshield on top. It doesnt make sense heatshield wise but eve's atmo is so dense that the drag will flip your craft. With another one on top u balance out the drag
  11. Ok, i understand. I didnt wanted to be rude i just looked up the bugtracker, all the reports for the same issue and then noticed your post here
  12. I guess it is, that the report is at 10% done seems to me that at least someone noticed that there is something wrong.
  13. They dont do anything with your report because they are working with this report. As i said before; opening more reports for the same issue wont help. But even on the report their are working with the priority is on low...
  14. That sounds like squad is planning to implement some sort of feature that does dv calculations, do they? That would be pretty awesome