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  1. Put a Second maneuvernode on the oppositside of first to get a better "closest approach" indication
  2. I would't Play without autostrut anymore also i find the adjustable fuelflow very helpfull
  3. Awesome, you are best
  4. @Zhetaan yeah thats the kind of stuff i was looking for. Thanks for the effort, if u Really want to make a complete sheet would u be that nice and link me? Also to the others @Streetwind @Starman4308 @Spricigo thanks for helping
  5. Thanks, but i have forgotten to say that i'm a consoleguy.
  6. Hi, I searched for a sheet or something that tell u the ISP and thrust of engines for planets with atmosphere that are Not kerbin, but i didnt found One. Does anyone One if something like this do exist? I'm on Console, so sadly i cant use mods
  7. There is No Way to finetune the maneuver, get as Close as u can and perform a midcursecorrection Halfway trough duna, will cost u just a few dv
  8. Yup i belive so, there are the most controlls but Not all. I still dont know how to activate fine controll when flying. I just looked it up, it's there in the first chapter: general controlls
  9. Welcome to the forums. L1+dpad Left or right when under 2 km
  10. Unlocked very thing just today
  11. If u aim the camera to e.g a commandpod and then change the cameramode (free, orbit, locked...) the camera will get to the default Position. IT would be nice if you could Set the camera to something at it will stay there. This is in ksp ee, dont know if that is the Same as for pc
  12. About 200 kerbin days with hohman Transfer and 6h is one Day, so if u really waited without timewarp that would be 1200h
  13. KSP Weekly: A Shuttle to Remember

    Imo KSP EE is an superior improvment to the fte port. I've being never so far in my career since i play KSP, just a few nodes and the siencetree is done. I've mining operations at the mun and minmus, a little fleet is on it's way to duna. Siencelabs are running without problems, the visual improvments and the adjustable hud is very nice. Sure there are bugs that are just annoying but I still GoT my save so far. And Squad says they are on a Patch. I like the New port very much (i just felt the need of expressing some love for ksp as an consoleguy, if it's to of topic just delete)