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  1. PrvDancer85

    A question from a new player

    U cant implement crafts from kerbalX or from some where else on console. U even cant move or copy a craft from another of your savegames
  2. What does your ascending or decending note read? If its 180 or -180 than it is an retrograde orbit Edit thats the same thing as @klesh said.
  3. PrvDancer85

    Orbital Rendezvous & Docking on Xbox

    I dont know if this is true for all presets but in cursor u dont need to go in dockingmode for translate x,y,z. On ps4 u hold r1 r1+l2/r2 forward/backwards r1+leftstick up/down/left/right Have to be the same buttons on the xbox Controller, sorry i dont have the buttonlayout in my head for xbox
  4. Does it looks anything like this? i get maneuvernode resets since ee release, they only happen when im in mapview if i stay in "normal view" focus on the ship it works. I do all interplanetaryburns that way as kind of a workaround
  5. Hey there, this will be my first thread of that kind and it will be mainly pictures, if something awesome happens i'll try to catch it. I play on ps4 and dont have a pc so getting the pictures on imgur can be a little hassle which is also the reason for the thread, its just better to handle for me that way, i hope nobody minds. I will Edit to add more stuff per playsaison. As to read in the titel the mission will go to jool with the intention to land on all joolian moons. It wont be hyperefficent or fancy in any way, just 5 kerbals fired with a big rocket. This mission report will serve as proof for the jool5 challange if successful. 871t, 410k Funds and 147 parts We start with light, thats good, i guess Sidebooster seperation maybe dont turn that early next time? thanks for your service Mr Booster circulationburn To be continued After 15 days in LKO its burn for jool. Sorry that it's so darkthe maneuvernode resets when going into mapview, thats not normal behavior is it?doesnt matter we got our encounterplaned planechange I wasnt sure the transferstage had enough dv for what it should do entering jools soialmost forgot to take a picture, seperation of the LaythelanderSherby was always the bravest, he is not afraid of being alonetyloperi for the tylopart layedand also for the Laythelander somehow the peri went from 36 to 56km, Ive just stick with thattrying to get moar science from high above tylo in parkingorbit over tylo planed Laythe encounterSherbys tylo flyby Jool, Tylo, Laythe & Val throu the cockpit window entered Laythe soi ready for upper atmosphere science1st aerobreak donemoar sciencesecond aerobreak & approach adjusting approach short after touchdown, turning backwards Sherby didnt dare to go further out for science, so that was a waste of fuel To be Continue
  6. I cant help you with your issues i havent encountered them. If you want to start a new thread you press the green "ask a question" button in the subforum u want to post it
  7. PrvDancer85

    Jet engines wont start with X button.

    It doesnt Sound like a usermistake at this point and i cant think of anything why this is happening. If u want we can take a look together via shareplay, im back home in about 2 hours but so far i have no clue what is going on there
  8. PrvDancer85

    Jet engines wont start with X button.

    That's odd in my save they will activate. Do u have that everytime with every Build? Are the engines in the stageing menu in the sph? I also Play on ps4 with cursor preset
  9. PrvDancer85

    KSP Weekly: The Eagle Has Landed

    No you are not, i was last week as i started up my ps read download for ksp. Its awesome that bugfixing is going on. That u can turn off trim and that precisionmode works is amazing. I havent encountered most of the fixed bugs and i guess i never will now. There are people that tell that they have more trouble after the patch. I havent. I would say the game gained playability.
  10. PrvDancer85

    Why build a comm network around Kerbin?

    There are groundstations at kerbin wich can be deactivated via options. If u deactivate them and u play with commnet on u will have to set up a Network for kerbin
  11. I played at this weekend for some hours, i havent encountered gamebreaking bugs, but ive also encountered none since ee release. The maneuvernode still resets when u hit the targets soi and u r in mapview, but thats also not in the changelog for being solved
  12. PrvDancer85

    What is your save/space agency called?

    My first career was called networking since that was new in EE, the current one is called prepatch
  13. I would say that depends on your acentprofil, if u speed up very fast and then many cruise to ap then i wouldnt pop the fairing when still in atmo, u have already spend the fuel to speed up. If u burn until ap i would pop them at about 50km to save some weight. That's just how i would do it
  14. PrvDancer85

    Any tips for going interplanetary?

    Snark nailed it, in addition to what he said here is the KSPcheatsheet, it has an dvMap if scroll down a bit. Ps: i'm one if those consoleguys
  15. I belive its L1+L3 for cursor preset. There is a list of controls in the options menu or on the right screenside is an app with an joystick that should also give u a list of controls for your preset. As far as i know precision mode just locks the inputs in the Enhanced Edition at this moment Im home now and changed the preset to radial, i cant get into precision mode at all. Are the indicators for Pitch,roll and yaw Blue or do u have a Second set of indicators in pink? If u have pink ones its Trim and u can get rid of that with L1+L3 in radial