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  1. PrvDancer85's post in Action Groups - certain actions not mappable, bug? was marked as the answer   
    It's a bug. Many things u could do with actiongroups stoped working after the last update. Toggle landing gear is a great example.
    And its already on the bugtracker
  2. PrvDancer85's post in Direction of elevator was marked as the answer   
    You can give the elevator negativ authority limiter value in the paw then it will go the opposit direction. Not so sure about the relationship between brake and elevator, do you want to increase the drag while braking?
  3. PrvDancer85's post in Internal antennas and CommNet was marked as the answer   
    Hi and welcome to the forums. I will just link the Wiki and a thread from yesterday, should include all infos that u need. If u put one of the first antennas u should be good to go
  4. PrvDancer85's post in Why build a comm network around Kerbin? was marked as the answer   
    There are groundstations at kerbin wich can be deactivated via options. If u deactivate them and u play with commnet on u will have to set up a Network for kerbin
  5. PrvDancer85's post in EC consumption Off? was marked as the answer   
    PS4 Career cursor 
    Okay, i just didnt know few things, Everything is fine. Thanks for the help everyone 
    Info stuff
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