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  1. Absolutely, it should have enough dV for most applications =] Thanks!! Not certain what you're encountering. Can you share an image if you haven't figured it out yet?
  2. Oops. Sorry, you're right. I confused this and Duna Direct. It doesn't have the option to create it's own fuel. Though, if necessary, it should be pretty easy to copy the ISRU patch and modify it to the Stage 1 part here.
  3. Hello friend, I feel your pain on this. I wish it were as easy as just having them retract some more, but the problem is the part is already encountering clipping on itself. The legs really need to be re-designed to properly accommodate folding upwards. At the time of taking on this re-do mod, I was only planning on re-texturing the parts but it ended up that I did a lot of re-modeling as well but the legs didn't make the cut. I won't say I will never do it, but I'm afraid I don't think it will be any time soon if so. Thank you and I hope you can enjoy it still!
  4. I haven't done any optimizing specifically for it, but it is at least compatible with tweakscale if there is a size concern (mind you, I'm not sure if TST is updated yet, I've been off here for a while at the moment.
  5. Yep. Sorry about that. A couple things were out of whack. Part tools had broken on me. Thought this was in the clear but obviously missed it on testing This should be much better, just replace the file in the solar panel folder https://www.dropbox.com/s/rjoe0h6d8ijsx0d/MAH-Panels.zip?dl=0
  6. Thank you! Whoops! Fair point there though - The final "design" was sort of hodge podge - For some reason I was thinking I could keep the stages / engines combined in one part (as that's how the thing came originally) but that can't really be done and so I just cut the engines out from where they were and made it into a piece as it was. It should probably have a more clearly defined top / bottom, visually speaking.
  7. You can delete the autolight.cginc file all together from the folder and restart unity as a temporary stop this error
  8. Don't forget to program forced failures on all the ULA launches.
  9. Heck. Sorry. This fix was supposed to be in the release.... You may replace the battery .mu file with this one: https://www.dropbox.com/s/a6jz7jbea55biww/AresBattery.zip?dl=0 Warning: I believe this will break any existing craft with the battery on it. Thanks,
  10. Hey, here you go! https://www.dropbox.com/s/ouj7avzkrfht77z/cap-nodock.zip?dl=0 Just unzip and put the files into the "cap" folder. I *slightly* increased the height of the cone and kept the parachute as well as the hinges (otherwise it's just really weird). The only colliders are on the flat piece and the nose cone though, so you can overlap a docking port a bit onto the hinges and its alright. Cheers!
  11. Hey, thanks! Yes, that is definitely no problem. I will make it happen.
  12. No apologies necessary. I read you loud and clear
  13. Thank you! I am messing around with the previous Hermes in my spare time, seeing what it will take to bring it back to life. It shouldn't really take much. I won't be re-doing the textures on it but it looks like some work needs done either way. (Getting the habitats to rotate properly again without Infernal Robotics, why there is some weird texture artifacts going on, looks like a normal map is needed or something, I don't know exactly yet.) Anyways, these mods take up a *lot* of time. I have to break in between these things. So maybe that... and if anything else next possibly the habitat.
  14. Most likely I will not be getting to that. If time permits, I would fix the Hermes so that it works again and just re-release the thing as it was previously was without any texture updates. If I do model anything else in the near future it would be habitat-related.
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