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  1. Currently putting together the interior of the rover. Looks like it is going to be a 4-seater. Just need to find the time to texture it and finish the props.
  2. Things got really hectic for me. I think I'm probably going to release the rover before I finish everything just to get it out there. Will be a bit delayed getting the rest taken care of here but it will definitely still happen.
  3. Well, the IVA has the chairs for 6. We'll have to see if 6 actually fit I don't remember when I tried this out several years back. At this point I've touched up all the models for the MAV and have fixed the UV unwrapping. They will all now need baked and textured. This is going from what looks like one 1024x1024 texture for all of these parts with a bunch of mashed up and incomplete UV's thrown around in there to a 1024x1024 resolution re-texture of each part. Update: all AO bakes have been done and all parts have been imported into Unity. Texturing to commence next.
  4. I'm going to be implementing the MAV / MDV from the Hermes pack. Mesh is fixed up as best I could:
  5. Already ahead of you on the side doors. I'll probably do the IVA.
  6. Rover parts are back in action. Re-textured all around, 3 working hatches, 4 working ladders, top and bottom attach nodes on all parts, vehicle lights and spotlights: Will be moving on to the lander parts and then circling back to see about IVAs, before rounding out config files.
  7. Not bad Most definitely. I just got the attachment nodes squared away but of course it's time for work Should be a functioning rover very soon.
  8. Maybe - I haven't decided yet. The models are difficult to work with as a side effect of .mu to Blender import - and almost none of the edges are connected to each other. I'll probably give it hell and see what I can come up with, it'll just add some time on the job. Alternatively, the Mark Watney version of the pod would be *really, really* simple
  9. With the creator of the "The Martian" rover @-ctn- (Phoenix Industries) being gone from KSP forums, I have decided to update the parts for 1.8 and credit @-ctn- as the original creator. Update: the same applies for the MAV / MDV parts which will be implemented from Hermes Interplanetary Spacecraft [Discontinued] by @xxhansonmaxx and @OrbitalEscape continued by @Jasseji and @Wragie in the Hermes Interplanetary Vehicle (CONTINUED) (now discontinued) Looking for a name for this (as I don't think it would be proper to call this Phoenix Industries). Currently 3/4 rover parts are updated and ready for game implementation:
  10. ctn has not signed onto the KSP forums in over a year. This forum in particular hasn't been commented on by them in over 3 years. The last post ctn has made (on their other mod) indicated they lost all source files when their laptop crashed. It's a safe bet to say they will not be updating this mod. I will take care of it - License says we can do whatever we want as long as we credit and don't make money so that's what I'll do. I'll pull all the models, fix the UVs if necessary, re-texture if necessary, rebuild from scratch in Unity for 1.8. On the rover cockpit, I have some issues with the way the UV was unwrapped so I have mostly re-done it and this will be getting a fresh texture. Give a dude some time though.
  11. I've tried turning the winch and the connector into docking ports, but it doesn't seem to work unless joined together in the VAB first. Any idea if this type of functionality is possible?
  12. I would consider this to be one of the biggest challenges in KSP part creation. It's definitely the equivalent of diving straight into the deep-end. The amount of informational resources get exponentially lower each step closer you get to completing legs. I'll leave these here, but it will probably look like alien for a while. If you learn the above and get to the part implementation stage, you will appreciate these (precise structure is critical):