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  1. Curious.... I have to believe it's an incompatibility with at least one of the installed mods. The compatibility list for this one isn't that large. If you can revert to using only the mods on the compatible list I'm pretty certain the issue will not be present. It might be tough to pinpoint which of these is causing the issue.
  2. Sorry, I can't quite tell from the staging exactly what's happening there. It looked like there is no decoupler between the top fuel tank and the heatshield, but I'm not sure about the parts being used their either. Does this still happen with your setup when you use a stock decoupler beneath the heatshield?
  3. You need a decoupler below the heatshield. The heatshield only decouples on the top. There is no decoupler on the bottom.
  4. Thank you very much for the kind remarks! Vehicle rotation bug has been noted - I believe this is a Unity glitch - but my model is rotated 90 off an empty transform so I will resolve this in the next update. Please see below video for Elysium Space Stairs placement:
  5. bcink

    [1.5x] Duna Direct

    Hahaha that is awesome!
  6. bcink

    [1.5x] Duna Direct

    Yes, it is. Try this:
  7. I believe they fill it with Martian sand post-arrival. No real way to animate it better I don't think.
  8. Sandbags on the habitat:
  9. Alrighty: Updated original texture: Original textured deep-space variant: New texture deep-space variant: Re-textured original:
  10. Cool, thanks! Will have to investigate this. Hahaha nice! I can do that. I'll try and get B9PS compatibility squared away in the next update. KRV Re-texture:
  11. Curious. No - I have not heard about that yet. Thanks. Will need to investigate - though I don't know that there is anything I will be able to do about it. It really seems the game is not designed to have one part function as all 3x: opening nose cone, docking port, parachute. I can hardly believe I got it to working condition as is. Open to suggestions on this one as well.
  12. bcink

    [1.4 / 1.4.1] James Webb For Kerbal

    @CobaltWolf may be right and it might not be worth it depending on how well it works or not. Will need to investigate. Would be very surprised if it surpasses what textures unlimited does and for a new update it would really need to be worth it. Have you tested the effect with textures unlimited?
  13. I don't disagree. I'll search for some sort of a solution for: "Nosecone -- <Stage> (nosecone opens)+(parachutes deploy)" with ability to still close the nosecone afterwards. Don't know if it's possible. For now it must be treated as a shielded docking port. Could just be the deployment altitude. Full deploy is at 1000. Thanks I will see if there are any possibilities for the drag cube. I am noob on that aspect for now. I think a precise drag cube is the only way to avoid the chute-jerk.
  14. I haven't encountered any of the issues described here under any circumstances, though I was making sure to "open" the nosecone before deploying the chutes. Maybe that has an effect?