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  1. Thank you!! No, sorry. I think it was just released right around the last update to this. Have not heard of this one before.. Did it ever stop?
  2. Thanks for your kind words! With only 8" Celestron, I am very jealous of your 11" ;D I am rather confident that there are new shader libraries being used so any sort of port over would likely involve a full re-texture, hence the major questions involving time. Definitely like the ideas. We'll need to see what possibilities are available in the new engine. Thanks!!
  3. Hey everyone. I'm wondering if I should plan to port my existing KSP 1 mods into KSP 2. It would be a big help if the general community would provide some feedback on the polls so I can see where my time should be spent. FYI, there are plans for new mods in the future. Edit - I realize I neglected Making Alternate History. Whoops. Any big ups for that just post a comment
  4. Hey, I think you're referring to the 1.12.x foil re-texture. Almost everything on the JWST is wrapped in the foil so i thought it better to make it similar to that. There is a slight blueish hue to it so it wasn't grayscale.
  5. C:\Users\<username>\AppData\LocalLow\Intercept Games\Kerbal Space Program 2\Global\Settings.json "ScreenResolution": "7680x1440",
  6. bahahahaha. You win. My dude.............The game is now 11 years old. Real life space programs have been created and sent rockets to orbit in this time. You have the option of stopping messing around with mods for 45 minutes to watch a YouTube video to complete a successful Mun mission of some kind if you really wanted to.
  7. Yeah thats true, it would be great if it reflected them directly. I assume it's a Textured Unlimited limitation of some kind.
  8. Try moving your telescope around so that you have some object (the sun or a planet) to reflect something off. Otherwise, you're trying to reflect off of the nothingness of space. I suspect this is what you are encountering.
  9. Bump just because the JWST is officially in action today all these years later
  10. Version 1.12.x has been re-sized and is smaller. Not sure if it will fit but check the changelog and try it out. It is also compatible with Tweakscale so you can always just scale down the parts to suit your needs. and thank you!
  11. Hey, Ah I see.. Probably won't be getting to this. Combination of factors on my end. If you want to try and do-up the interior, I can share the source files with you.
  12. That's an interesting thought. Didn't think of that. Entirely possible..
  13. Yep indeed, that should do it! And thanks a million! Glad you like it!!
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