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  1. Thank you very much for your kind words! Very glad you are enjoying the mods. I've tried to make some cool things that just seemed to be missing from the game for whatever reason. I certainly plan on getting back into the mods once I finish being on this hiatus. Probably not too much longer, in terms of some weeks or a couple months max. :} Thanks again!!!
  2. I'm sorry - I've gotten way too preoccupied with other stuff and wouldn't be able to devote proper time to Kerbal mods so I 've just put it on the back-burner all together. I've got the e-mail alerts going for any forum posts here. Let me propose to my woman in a couple weeks and I'll re-evaluate the mod agenda Good looking out thanks!
  3. It's possible. I think the thing is a little massive for water landings though.
  4. **EDIT 2** Yeah, so even though it's got correct fuel levels, and even though when both stages are using fuel at a normal rate, I'm finding that the thrust of those engines (both first and second stage) are extremely low; insufficient to lift it off the ground. If I switch engines around with stock or mod, they work fine, but the mod-included engines just seem low powered. I know for a fact I *don't* have a mod that changes that variable. So, not sure what's causing that. Are you using B9 for part switching? There is known breaking issues with that part switch mod, see post below (maybe other part switchers cause issues as well? It's the ISRU patch which allows conversion of "Carbon Dioxide" to "LiquidFuel" and "LiquidHydrogen" >>> The fuel types used on the craft will change to Liquid Fuel and Liquid Hydrogen when Community Resource Pack is installed.
  5. You are definitely experiencing mod incompatibility. There are multiple fuel definitions happening. For expected use, please follow the compatibility list. I can only support so many mods. If you find which mod outside my list is causing problems I can try and investigate. Thanks Also for IVA, install near future props. Thanks
  6. Thanks!!! My understanding is that they are filled with Martian sand for radiation protection. Thanks!! I got involved in an extravagant new PC build. A few more weeks are needed to finish it and I'll be back on this full time.
  7. Incorrect - please check the WIP page
  8. Thanks Kerbals are vastly larger than most things in their physical world - If we go vs Kerbal size, the airlock door would take up a third of the hab, lol.
  9. Starting to pick this up again. Still have a long way to go but things are working so far:
  10. Curious.... I have to believe it's an incompatibility with at least one of the installed mods. The compatibility list for this one isn't that large. If you can revert to using only the mods on the compatible list I'm pretty certain the issue will not be present. It might be tough to pinpoint which of these is causing the issue.
  11. Sorry, I can't quite tell from the staging exactly what's happening there. It looked like there is no decoupler between the top fuel tank and the heatshield, but I'm not sure about the parts being used their either. Does this still happen with your setup when you use a stock decoupler beneath the heatshield?
  12. You need a decoupler below the heatshield. The heatshield only decouples on the top. There is no decoupler on the bottom.
  13. Thank you very much for the kind remarks! Vehicle rotation bug has been noted - I believe this is a Unity glitch - but my model is rotated 90 off an empty transform so I will resolve this in the next update. Please see below video for Elysium Space Stairs placement:
  14. Hahaha that is awesome!
  15. Yes, it is. Try this: