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  1. Hi, happy new year everyone! Thx for your work again raptor and i can't wait what is coming next p.s: Nice video
  2. Oh, and about that, why on almost every plane there is a flap action but nothing in the group? (i fix it myself every time i use one of your planes but juste in case ^^) EDIT: @Raptor9 For exemple, take the C7 325R.On the graphic and the description IG (when you put your mouse on the name of the craft) there is "[2] Toggles Flaps" but in fact nothing in the custom 2 action group. Thats all, sorry if i wasn't clear, i did my best ( i'm only french.. :D).
  3. Hi Raptor9, with your last update on KerbalX, when we try to download 'Basic Windjammer Kit'-Titan 3P it download the extended kit. Cya and as always, great work
  4. Oh! I didn't noticed.. Just after the new T 3 was out i made my own T 4, 4-1, 4-2 based on the new T 3 CCB with old T 4 upper stage, i am not too far in fact no?
  5. Yeah, so cool. 8) I was expecting the new thunder 4 familly but it's not bad, good work again.
  6. Hi Raptor9, (I am french so i will do what i can with my english) First of all, i would like to thank you for all of your crafts, they are just amazing. I use them for all my save, I learn so much from them. The wait for patch 1.3.1 is too hard, so much craft standing by.. can we have some sneak peek like the thunder 3..plzz I try to anticipate your craft thanks to the preview, it's funny to compare.. i was so close with the thunder 2 upper stage Thx again o7