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  1. Yeah I am sure that they are hitting one another range is less than 100 meters pretty much point blank. can someone help clarify How the damage and armor elements interact with one another? What I am looking for is to understand the logic behind the damage calculations and the Armor Penetration calculations. I want to understand what the effect of changing the mass or velocity or the tnt values will be. Also I have tried adding resource cost to the armor as well as getting the armor resource to have a scaling weight so that it has some drawbacks. However it seems to have no effect. is there something that is disabling the evaluation of these resources?
  2. I need some assistance on the damage modeling of this mod. the cannon weapons are a bit underwhelming in terms of damaging anything with armor. I did a test with 2 simple tanks each with 90mm of armor and each armed with an Abrams turret. (ammo was about 60 rounds for each) both tanks blasted at each other until empty with only minimal damage no parts destroyed. second test was same tanks same armor but armed with 2 50cal turrets and 2500 rounds. The 50 cals did objectively more damage and were actually able to destroy some of the armor plating. How can I boost the destructive power and armor penetration of my bigger guns to make this more realistic?
  3. Where can I get the most up to date version of the SM_Industries because I have it and it is installed correctly for 1.4.3 but I still have a bunch of parts which have the strings showing instead of the proper information. Also a link to the most recent version of large ship parts would be great too
  4. im not sure that I follow your meaning is it still considered an ablative resource (i.e. the armor value reduces each time the part takes a hit and once it is gone the parts hit points start being reduced) or is it being changed to something like a resistance (i.e. incoming damage is reduced based on the value of the armor which means thick enough armor can become impervious to damage from lighter sources. Like for instance 500 mm armor part would be immune to damage from a .50 cal weapon but might suffer some damage from a 105 MM weapon, and provide only medium or minor protection from say 16 inch guns) Which of those examples more accurately reflects the armor damage model?
  5. I do not have much problems with the HP design right now. however I do have issues with the Armor system and feel it is very frustrating. Now I know I am likely working with an older version of BDAc (I think V1.0.0) but the armor seems to be nothing but an extra bonus pool of HP which has to be worked through before HP can be damaged. on top of that the Armor points are basically weightless and cost free. So has any of this been changed in the newer builds?
  6. I have run into two issues in relation to to your posting. The first is that if I use the asteroid hanger module if I use the offset tool to embed the Asteroid Hanger Gateway into the deck of a ship then it is unusable as the surface of whatever it is recessed into will prevent anything from actually entering the hanger. The second is that the orientation is a problem, if I set it as for example a deck hatch on a carrier then when I try to launch a craft it will spawn nose up Also the asteroid Hanger Gateway is not designed to be rescaled so if I insert the rescaling element from tweekscale manually will the hanger mod recognize that change and adjust the size limits for entry? Edit: I just ran some checks and it looks like your mod actually has separate integrations with large boat parts so this issue is no longer as big of an issue
  7. you might consider doing a couple different options for damage spreading you could do a selected parts more where all of the selected parts share damage evenly you could also maybe do a bleed over damage where a % of the incoming damage is spread to parts directly connected to the part taking damage
  8. Wow that works really well. How complex was that to implement? is it something that can be limited to certain parts? or is it all parts of any one craft? It is definitely cool that you were able to put that test of concept together so quickly.
  9. Ok I will try it out as a test and report back
  10. ok do you know if Hull Breach would have a problem with the UbioZur Welding Ltd. Continued Mod? would it still recognize a welded hull as a hull part and thus have it be subject to breach?
  11. Ok this is interesting, I think I may have found a solution to the issue. Someone has revived the UbioZur Welding Mod Here is the forum page for it. With this I should be able to simply weld the hull parts together and then BDAc and Hull breach should treat them as a single part sharing total HP across the board. I will have to test this. Has anyone else tried this and if so are there any issues I should be warned of before beginning?
  12. Ok, Based on your experience what mod selections would you recommend? I am doing a series which will include Ground, Air, Naval, and Space as potential combat environments I want to do some naval battles and I would like to have the potential for ships to survive intense battles with massive damage and limp back to naval bases to be repaired I saw someone do it with the WW2 Warships Mod but I do not think that compatible with 1.3.1 KSP and I can't seem to find it any longer.
  13. Ok Just to clarify I am using the following versions HullBreach. BDArmory. Large_Boat_Parts_Pack-v3.9.2 I just want to verify that these are indeed outdated/invalid/misbehaving version also I seem to not have enough post on the forum site to be allow to send you a direct message
  14. Question: is there a way/modification that I can make to allow certain parts to share or transfer HP? specifically my issue is that I am working with the hull breach mod, Large Boat Parts, and BDAc. I want to be able to do epic naval battles but I have run into a bit of a problem. That is that the issue of damage and ships going down with barely any fight. under normal BDAc the guard modes automatically target the primary/Root/Core part. This is often the center of the ship. so once the part loses all its HP the center of the ship just disappears and any attached parts just tumble into the sea. so I thought I could solve this with hull breach mod but the beta version of that adds more problems. while it allows for parts of the ship to take on water as they get damaged which makes for a cool visual effect, it has a major flaw The Hull Breach activates once the hull section targeted takes 25-30% damage, but due to a flaw in that mod it turns that hull section into an almost instant lead brick which yanks the ship down with such force that it often breaks the back of the ship and creates the same basic problem only now it happens with even less Hit points damage. So would it be possible to make it so certain parts share hit points? maybe something like a damage sharing Boolean so that when that part loses HP it draws HP from other parts of the ship?
  15. I think I need assistance with this mod. I have been experimenting with the mod and I have a bit of a problem. In general the breach process is too fast and exacerbates too quickly. for example I am using large boat parts as my ship pieces and from that i am using a simple 2 hull part destroyer for my testing. The breach first occurs at around 70% hull damage, however as soon as the the hull starts taking on water the in flow of water accelerates insanely fast. The sea water resource goes from 0 to 10K in less than a second and this causes the front half of the ship to be ripped off and sent to the depths with a speed as if a fist from god had smashed down on it. I tried reducing the hull breach flow values in the LBP_MM config file down to 1 for hull breach and 10 for critical breach. This slowed the process down a bit but the whole ship still sinks in only a few seconds. even with nearly 20 water pumps on the ship it can not counter this process. only by cranking the pumps up to 10x their original output is the system able to keep up with the water and even then it requires multiple pumps. So here are my questions. I have noticed that in the LBP_MM config file the "breachTemp" value is set to 0.8 and the critBreachTemp=0.5 however in the settings config file these values are set to breachTemp = 0.59999999999999998 and critBreachTemp = 0.90000000000000002 What impact do any of these values have on the actual sinking rate/progression? I have tried tests, changing these values does not seem to have any definable effect. in almost every case that I have tested once the ship starts sinking a little bit, it instantly goes catastrophic Any help with this would be great. Ideally I would like to be able to customize when the Breach and critical breach happen, if for example, the actual breach event took place around 50-60% and the Crit Breach around 15% likewise the actual sinking rate on a normal breach should be way slower, Like something that might be recoverable from and the breach should not go critical until the the hull reaches 15% if I can't get these issues resolved I will have to pull this mod from my next video series.