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  1. Samwise Potato

    Flying wing challenge!

    My flying wings usually have some form of vertical surfaces clipped into the body to provide yaw control, so it was interesting to try to build a wing without any vertical surfaces whatsoever. I ended up building a little pancake plane; 10km ASL is pretty straightforward with a Panther engine. In the screenshot, I was over 11km, still climbing, and still accelerating. Aside from being supersonic, the massive wing surface makes pitch control a cinch. Just dived from 10km to 100m, pulled out of the dive and and buzzed the SPH with no problems. Landing's probably the hardest part of the entire flight, since throttling down the engine causes a significant loss of horizontal stability, but the pancake design lands at an angle pretty easily if necessary. Having a wide 4-wheel base to land on also means it's pretty hard to tip it over if you come in anywhere close to correctly.
  2. I'm somewhat confused by the "seaplane" criteria. It's a drawback to have an engine barely touching the water, but having the engine go completely underwater is fine?
  3. Hi, @Runescope! Sometimes Guard Mode doesn't always pick the weapons you want it to, and will in some cases prefer a certain weapon over all others. I'd suggest taking the front-facing 50-cals off, and doing a test flight with just the turret. Guard Mode should choose it, and it will probably work just fine. If you watch people doing stuff with BDA on YouTube (especially BeardyPenguin and TAPEGaming's "Fall of Kerbin" series) you'll see instances where Guard Mode insists on selecting forward-facing weapons when rear-mounted turrets would be much more useful. Since I'm 99.99% sure that test flight with just the turret showed you Guard Mode could use it properly when it's the only weapon available, I've got a little trick I used to combine fixed guns and turrets on the same vehicle. For your plane, my personal work-around would go like this: 1. Remove the 4 front-facing 50-cals 2. Put on two 50-cal turrets with their guns pointed forward in relatively the same spots the fixed guns were. 3. Right-click on the front-facing turrets, and set their all their pitch/yaw to 0. This means they won't turn at all, and will just act like the fixed guns used to. You just have to do this to the two turrets you want to use as front-facing guns. 4. There's a little option in that menu as well that either says "Barrage: False" or "Barrage: True." You need it to say False on all of your turrets, including the one you want to move, for this setup to work. Use the button near the bottom of the menu that says "Toggle Barrage" to switch modes. And that should do it. You now have a plane that will use 4 forward-facing 50-cals and a rear-mounted 50-cal turret simultaneously.
  4. Samwise Potato

    The 2018 Kerbal Dakar

    Counterpoint: unpowered flight is still flight. Gliders are aircraft after all. Vehicles travelling more than a kilometre per jump seems excessive. Either way, I'm planning something similar to my original vehicle, but turned up to 11.
  5. Samwise Potato

    The 2018 Kerbal Dakar

    Well, if all this flying is within the rules, I'll definitely be designing a new vehicle. My original was built with minimal lifting surfaces and a jet engine that forced the front into the ground.
  6. Did Mach 1.6 for 19.5 funds, so yeah, tight margins in budget supersonics.
  7. Samwise Potato

    Flip tank

    Doesn't really matter where I shoot, I've just been building heavy bricks of armor in conventional shapes, and they don't flip well. I ask about unconventional designs because I've got an idea for a half-sphere that rolls onto its flat top without too much effort. Narrow wheel base, rounded angles, should hopefully flip nicely. My other thought was to build a VTOL that could carry the tanks to the top of the VAB, and shoot one of them off the top. Maybe I should do both?
  8. Samwise Potato

    The 2018 Kerbal Dakar

    Wow, super impressive. It has a real dune buggy vibe to it with that open frame of pipes.
  9. Samwise Potato

    The 2018 Kerbal Dakar

    Ooooh, shiny! Is the frame a single piece, or some crazy off-set tool mastery?
  10. Samwise Potato

    Flip tank

    So far, my efforts to complete this challenge have been stymied by the fact that I've built my tanks much too realistically to flip. Too wide, too low, too angular. Best I can do without causing a lot of damage is to make it slide sideways a little. Can I go a little more... unconventional with tank designs, @Dragonwarp?
  11. Who's being highly aggressive? Not me. Snarky, maybe. The rules do indeed say no revert, but what's the point in boring myself to death with getting it into orbit 20 times just so I can try and land it? I've already proven orbit's easy enough and since the challenge creator's offended that I pointed out an SSTO deliberately designed to be terrible was in fact terrible, I apparently won't be getting a certification even after completing the challenge legitimately. What matters, then, is the intense personal satisfaction I'm getting. It's a warm, fuzzy feeling. Besides, if I want a cert I'll just steal one off someone's wall and white-out the name before writing mine in. It's not like the Kerbal Resources office checks anyway. I mean, they still think Bill has a degree from KIT after all these years.
  12. Personal attack? I think you're reading things I didn't type. I said it was a terrible SSTO, not that you're a doodoo-head. Furthermore, I understand the challenge and the craft perfectly well, but that still doesn't make it any fun to do. I think perhaps I might even understand the craft better than you, since it plainly has more than enough dV to reach orbit, de-orbit, AND make a powered landing. It's hardly "right on the dv limit." Finally, are you unable to watch the video, or simply unwilling? It really is too bad you're unable/unwilling to watch the video, as you'd see that orbit's possible with lots of fuel to spare. Oh, and just one last thing: Gold-level complete, @Andetch I even took the time to park it and clean Jeb's vomit out of the cockpit, but you can have it back now. ETA on that high praise? --- If anyone wants some tips on how to get Gold the same way I did, click the spoiler below. If you're offended that I'm offering tips and/or don't want to see them... don't look?
  13. Samwise Potato

    The 2018 Kerbal Dakar

    Aside from a few brushes with the Kraken, managed to get the course completed with a minimum of fuss. Found out early-on that the best way to take a bump in my vehicle was by going over it sideways, so I spent of lot of time listening to Initial D and looking like I was trying to audition for a remake of "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift." Total time was 1:10:42 with a jet-assisted car. Being able to climb hills without losing speed meant I could go over minor obstacles instead of wasting time going around, plus I could cover relatively flat ground at about twice the speed my vehicle could manage with electric alone. I'm thinking I might go back and do another trip around with a pure electric craft to see what it's like. Anyway, pics and stuff are in the results topic linked in OP. Good luck to everyone else who's working on their trek!
  14. Samwise Potato

    2018 Kerbal Dakar Results Thread

    Jeb proudly shows off "Da Car," his ride of choice for Flag Ramming Dakar 2018. Capable of speeds up to 50 m/s on electric power alone, the powerful jet engine pushes this vehicle to the edge of control, and keeps speeds high even when driving up steep inclines. Jeb pushed Da Car to 180 m/s in the sprint portion of stage 1 before he had to start braking, and Da Car still had more speed to give. Total time = 01:10:42
  15. @ShadowGoat That's the silliest thing I've heard anyone say in a while, and even more surprising coming from someone who was breaking the rules of another challenge to make it easier for themselves.