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  1. these restock parts make the aesthetic of my lifters look closer to realistic
  2. yea that's true I was just trying to keep everything relatively stock
  3. are planned retextures in the make for the cheetah and bobcat engine because id love some titan screenshots lol
  4. well if the plane parts are fine are their still parts left in the works for restock
  5. sorry I meant like an addition of parts like helicopter cockpits or medium sized airplane parts its just that using a space shuttle cockpit for planes seems a bit janky
  6. is a restock for plane parts in the work I really love the aesthetic of these parts
  7. did you reply in a meaningful way or sarcastically. I was just wondering ,no disrespect or anything just not a fan of negativity.
  8. idg why we cant be grateful that there still updating this game. with new parts and graphics especially with ksp2 on the horizon
  9. I forgot what mod these engines will be apart of again ?
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