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  1. did you reply in a meaningful way or sarcastically. I was just wondering ,no disrespect or anything just not a fan of negativity.
  2. idg why we cant be grateful that there still updating this game. with new parts and graphics especially with ksp2 on the horizon
  3. I forgot what mod these engines will be apart of again ?
  4. some of the dishes wont even open mostly the ones with reflectors on them the whiter ones wait nvrm just had to update to 1.8
  5. i love the near future mods and restocks now its time for the saturn rocket parts
  6. https://kerbalx.com/Stefsilver43/craft its a bit of craft that were down voted but yea I think its because I upload on a near constant basis
  7. Hey raptor I have a Problem alot of plane enthusiast are down voting all my craft they said my craft are basically basic and are low part count to be uploaded I love spacejust as much as everyone else but I feel there mad that my craft are catching the eye others taking away from all the airplanes uploaded by the thousands in a game mint for space SPACE my profile on kerbal x is stefsilver 43 I just thought you might have any similar experiences when you uploaded earlier in your days if ksp
  8. Awesome work now only thing left is the Saturn parts
  9. are you planning on going to try and restock the missing history parts ps the stock telescope looks bad real bad
  10. have you ever considered doing heavy rover or landing leg expansions
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