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  1. The clouds didn't show in my game. I'm pretty sure I have dragged everything into the right folder.
  2. That's because your GPU isn't good enough,and it seems that your RAM isn't big enough too.
  3. So what you have done to Laythe's Bioluminescent clouds?I'm learning making mods and I checked all of the configs in AVP but found nothing about it.I'd like to know how did you do it.
  4. So what version is it? And can I make some changes to SVE 1.26 to get those dust?
  5. Does Stock Visual Enhancements has dust in low gravity planets? In this video Minmus and Moho have dust.But my game doesn't look like Hazardish's after I install SVE.How could I get those visual enhancements?
  6. I deleted scatterer and I noticed that EVE's clouds become white,not purple as the old version.Can we just change the colour of EVE's cloud textures?Make clouds purple like your other mod Better Atmospheres Reborn? And I'd like to know what is this about? Is it the colour of EVE's clouds?I tried to change it but it didn't work.And my clouds disappeared.
  7. themaster401I still remember the previous version of AVP.EVE is a purple planet.
  8. Thank you themaster401 for bringing my favourite visual pack back!Laythe's clouds,Jool's clouds,Kerbin's clouds and Duna clouds are perfect.I could even change Laythe's cloud textures to get more Bioluminescent clouds.The only thing I don't like very much is the colour of EVE.In my opinion it should be more purple and have more clouds in different altitude…(Because of the composition of this planet).Anyway,nice work.Looking forward to your next work!
  9. I have some suggestion to you.Why not use the sound effects herehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONP9jS14toE&t=656s.I think those docking sound effects there is more suitable to lager crafts.
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