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  1. @Papa_Joe New thing, could you fix the FLIR color, because when I see the grass or ground, it is a slightly red color and not grey.
  2. Ah, thank you for the clarification., Also, maybe you could have a certain option in the option menu for high FX for BDAc?
  3. for the 20mm, I think it just might give it more 'oomph' you know? and I don't want actual craters, what I was trying to say is when the 30mm round hits the ground and it makes the tiny explosion of it hitting the ground or pinging off of it, all I want is a lot of sparks flying so that it look realistic while not leaving a mark on the planet, what I am trying to say is I want this : instead of the current hit decal
  4. @DoctorDavinci @Papa_Joe I have a request for BDAc, if you'll allow it. Could you guys make the decal for when the GAU-8 hits the ground to what it is like in real life? It could be for the 30mm decals in general, and replace the current decal for the 20mm with the 30mm's original decal. Thanks! RaptorTech
  5. May I have my name changed to RaptorTech-Incorporated, or RaptorTech-Inc. ? thanks
  6. does the mod work with anything? (does not catch fire on stock parts or BDA) if not, it's just an error in the code that the dev needs to figure out how to fix.
  7. I have accepted the contracts and I have nothing that would mess up the mods.
  8. well, B9 and so-on, it doesn't affect the contracts at all