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  1. Very interesting game, it's like Portal + FIFA and a little bit like Rocket League. I highly recommend this game for anyone that likes those games, the only downside is that the player base is low. But it is completely free and runs fairly well on potato computers. Here is the website: http://supraball.net/
  2. This really means "who can make the laggiest craft". My potato computer isn't entering this challenge...
  3. I should bring out my Legos out again...
  4. 48. Build a mech 49. Go to the Antarctic region of kerbin
  5. I had to do this: They see me mowin' My front lawn I know they're all thinking I'm so white 'n' nerdy Think I'm just too white 'n' nerdy Think I'm just too white 'n' nerdy Can't you see I'm white 'n' nerdy? Look at me I'm white 'n' nerdy! I wanna roll with The gangsters But so far they all think I'm too white 'n' nerdy Think I'm just too white 'n' nerdy Think I'm just too white 'n' nerdy I'm just too white 'n' nerdy We really white 'n' nerdy First in my class here at M.I.T. Got skills, I'm a champion at DND MC Escher, that's my favorite MC
  6. Nice use of the engine mounts, You got some good stuff!
  7. ARK has pretty good textures, but Subnautica is the best.
  8. Knife party's "Boss mode" EDIT:Now im listening to Excision
  9. I keep a small bowl of ice near me, I like to pop 1-2 in my mouth now and then.
  10. When you think knowing the answer to an equation in class makes you cool. When you wish for more movies like Interstellar and The Martin. When the gym is your worst enemy. When all you think about is how to efficiently get to one place to another. When you have a shelf dedicated to Lego instruction booklets. Also when you use winter for an excuse for staying indoors.
  11. The song stuck in my head is "Boss Mode" by Knife Party, pretty cool stuff though.
  12. Taking a break for a while, will be back to KSP in probly a week or so.
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