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  1. Okay this thread got off track very quickly. Let me restate the rule Remember this thread is not to discuss the ups and downs of part failure mods start your own thread for this, but rather express appreciation for the hard work our modders put into their work.
  2. Hello first post here but very long time player of years and years. I play a very heavy moded setup. I consider many mods essential to play KSP with including: KCT, MKS with TAC life support, Tech Tree mods and Interstellar to name just a few. I have been on holiday the last ten days Sunny Italy (very warm better then rainy UK) and i saw a new mod which i was very excited to try when I returned home. Baris - Building a Rocket Isn't Simple. I read the threads and wikis and thought the potential for this mod is very great. I saw it as game changing just like mods such as KCT,MKS . I got very excited about it read the thread daily watched the work that Angel had put into it. Its obviously very high quality. You can tell he gave it much thought. Then the flames started. The complaints. And then sadly Angel gave up in due course. I never got to try the mod and my flight returns today. How sad. So why this thread??? Well I feel like mod creators sometimes are under appreciated. They work for free for enjoyment they should be given positive praise. Now I know this thread will not change anything. But it would be nice if we could show some collective appreciation as a community. Please use this thread to post positive thoughts regarding mod creators. Post what you appreciate and how much you love their mods. You may never know we might even change Angels mind. Lets see how high a post count we can make. Let me Start. "Building a Rocket isn't Simple" looked awesome as it added a new depth to KSP that was lacking. Well done Angel your mods are awesome keep up the hard work. One rule for this thread. No negative feedback or else.