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  1. latest. just follow RSS's guidelines and you should be safe wym sorry? I am unfamiliar with what dxt means lol
  2. CH-4: Changing History Iter Deinceps, In Perpetuum Moving forward, Perpetually ─────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── Welcome to Changing History (CH-4) we are a lategame addon to Realistic Progression One(RP-1) aiming to reimagine and redesign what is possible following your first moon landing! As an expansion to RP-1, and thus realism overhaul, realism and achievable technology is at our foundation. We aren't aiming to design warp drives or fusion energy, we simply want to enable the exploration hu
  3. Are there any plans to rework the BDB Apollo CSM any time soon? I heard some rumors that this might be happening soon...
  4. Hello everyone! I was kind of frustrated by the new terrain shaders and how they interact with RVE's city lights, so I decided to fix it! After a few weeks of "work" here's what I got! Enjoy, and major credit to @pingopete here, all I did was build on their configs and add a few dds files https://github.com/Its-Just-Luci/RVE64k/releases/tag/1.1 EDIT: That also should contain the atmosphere patch I made ~6months back, if not shout me out and I can send you my drive link cheers!
  5. is there any way to unload the city lights on the surface other than to alt+0 and turn them off?
  6. darn... I want to start a new save but idk if I should... do we have an ETA of 4.0?
  7. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NvDOX-v2MMv3kH1EGebtTNGoS5VSKriO/view?usp=sharing The way I do RP-1 patches is unofficial(I.E. don't bug the devs if it doesn't work), so they will not be patched into RO. But as it is my file I will make it available here unless @Wellhas an issue with it Just put that file in RO/RO_Suggested_Mods
  8. will kerbalism 4.0 require me to start a new save?
  9. does it work in any kopernicus system, like rss? asking for a friend
  10. is there any way we could get a selector for picking which airlaunch level we want to use? This would allow small supersonic airlaunches (like an x-15 on an XB-70) to be implemented easier.
  11. trust me, I'm not. I just understand that it would be a relatively easy thing to do that would enable a massive feature, and I felt like sharing that with the community
  12. is there a tutorial for making new turd configs? if not could we get airplanes-plus support?
  13. Are we getting any unity version changes in this update? ksp currently uses 2019.2.2 while 2019.3 and beyond support ray tracing, something I think any space game would benefit from...
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