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  1. it's from space engine, I've gotten their permission to use it as it's not available without their permission
  2. Setting up parallax for RSS today, thought I'd share some pics and give a huge thank you to @Gameslinxfor hel;ping me figure everything out






    (posted in parallax forum, posting here for other ppl who follow me)

    1. HafCoJoe


      Its beautiful...

  3. Setting up parallax for RSS today, thought I'd share some pics and give a huge thank you to @Gameslinxfor hel;ping me figure everything out Gallery
  4. Are you gonna work on ch4 or is it dead? it has a lot of potential please respond.

    1. ItsJustLuci


      I am still planning on working on it yes, just haven't had the time due to work and university

  5. idk what you mean by atlas V, dragon is from the PR of ROCapsules, and it is the same as tundra
  6. didn't see that, scatterer version info should be in scatterer... I'll test and see if the latest EVE redux works and include it if so in 0.3 proper when the time comes I just pushed EVO 0.3 Release Candidate 2, here is the major change: the clouds. I've added 2 more cloud layers, superimposed on top of the original, allowing for the clouds to pop out a bit more in orbit, and look a bit more realistic from the ground
  7. Just pushed a Release Candidate for EVO 0.3, this isn't a formal release, but it is a stable (largely bug-free, as far as I am aware) version so feel free to give it a spin D o w n l o a d Lots of Love
  8. again... the invalid name has zero to do with anything. It's simply telling you that you cannot make another layer with that name. Feel free to ignore that as it is intended behavior. You do have scatterer installed right? I assume you do, but you failed to mention it when listing mods so just wanna double check... EVO will not work without it at all.
  9. Invalid name has nothing to do with it; EVE is simply saying that you can't make a new cloud layer with the same name as another or, in the case of your photo, no name at all... regarding your issue, RSS does not even support 1.11, so EVO is not planned to support 1.11 anytime soon. so, as far as real exoplanets are concerned, my answer is that we are not likely to get support. Plainly put I don't use any other planet packs, so I have no interest in adding support. However EVO is an open source project, and if someone were to submit a pull request with files they've made, I would not be opposed to adding them to a "EVO-EXO" bonus download (or something like that)
  10. downloading the master is NEVER recommended as it is almost always unstable, and serves more as a place for me to store files, rather than a "latest version". Due to github LFS I can only update the master once a month, as I have bandwidth caps on that github repo
  11. @si2504 I just went and looked, saturn does cast shadows... idk what's wrong with your install, but if nothing else 0.3 should fix this
  12. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ your guess is as good as mine... most of it's configs are from RSSVE, but they aren't all the same per say. I've gone in and fine tuned a ton of RSSVE by hand
  13. no, it doesn't. More than half of EVO is based on configs derived from RSSVE, we use the same license on purpose. ALL mods credited in the OP are under the sharealike license or an equivalent, and the only parts of EVO that aren't are the SE assets (city lights, 0.3 mars textures and soon to be the new 64k clouds)
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