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  1. Another quick update on what's to come in 0.2: I fixed titan's atmosphere(idk if I've said that thus far) and I am looking into adding low altitude fog to it and to venus. In other news, this: It's based on KSRSSVE's sandstorm configs but color, volume, opacity and a few other variables have been tweaked to make it look better w the new mars maps.
  2. dyk if anyone has made rain? I am interested in doing so for RSS
  3. I'm in university right now, so whenever I have time to get fixes implemented, and yes I would absolutely love to mod KSP2 once RSS is ported over (I don't like stock frankly) Edit: Quick reply because I live here... 2 doors down actually in all actuality I just have forum notifications on as I play a LOT of ksp
  4. could we get the ability to link particles to a sound? I really would love to make thunder, rain sounds and wind sound to spice up my visual overhaul
  5. D'oh! it's bc I renamed mine EarthLandXn, while pingo used Xn... will rename all 3 versions to the same EarthLandXn in v0.2... speaking of which... UPDATE TIME! ok, I am working on getting a bunch of configs made derived from KSRSSVE, including some of the following: snow, lava on io, geysers on multiple planets, dust on multiple planets, and maybe rain so far I have geysers and snow... and I think y'all'd like to see, so here goes! here are some shots of snow over the arctic circle! I'm really happy w how this turned out, but I'm working on making it thicker and whiter.
  6. why thank you I am really bad with geography sadly so I have no clue but you can see auroras so it'd likely be far north or south... my bet is northern europe?
  7. I actually just found a way to accomplish exactly what I want... it involves making the atmosphere a bit thicker at lower altitudes, and making it much thinner by ~400 or 500km, I think this will accomplish the most realistic visuals but I have to test it titan is... painful rn. idk what the issue is. as far as the tiling, that is innevitable. the way EVE does things means this is going to be an issue if you want any level of detail sadly. If you want to lessen the effect, go into EV's menu (alt+0) and mess w the _CityOverlayDetailScale and lmk if you find one that fits your taste better
  8. actually just found the solution: press left-alt+0, go to clouds and hit apply. a lot of the time EVE just needs a little kick to get it working, sadly EVO is no exception
  9. Update 0.1b is live on github, mostly bugfixes but here are some pics, please refer to the patch notes for more details (Photos shot from approximately 504 km with the new 0.1b TUFX preset active) sunsets fixed in the newest patch in regards to the light curves, this might be TUFX related, idk. and ring shadows might require a patch in the 0.2 update, will write that down. what was your third question sorry? yes, they are supposed to. if you don't see them my recommendation is to press left alt+0 go to clouds and click apply, this will rebuild the scaled spa
  10. yeah... there's def some weirdness w the sky... thing is that I copied the configd from rssve, so I am quite confused about what exactly is going on...
  11. those flashes are lightning, once I get time I will likely redo them, but I am experimenting w it and possibly trying to do some other natural and manmade atmospheric phenomena
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