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  1. Hi, Idk where to put this as it's just a suggestion. could you maybe do a shuttle-C style fuselage and nosecone? I really like the concept and think it'd be awesome
  2. any idea when these may be added into the main mod?
  3. sounds good, please keep us all posted as I don't think I'm the only one who thinks this sounds awesome, stay safe
  4. Hi, I was curious how easy/hard it would be to make another set of recolors for the spaceplane parts that colors the "belly" a seperate color to emulate the tps?
  5. I believe the problem was I didn't have the latest TU version, either way, it works now and it is absolutely beautiful. Keep up the good work, cheers!
  6. I installed the procedural wings patch and don't have an option to open TU, any ideas about what the problem could be?
  7. how do I edit how much an engineer can move while on EVA, I tried this and nothing appears to have changed in game, am I doing something wrong? EvaPickup { grabKey = g attachKey = h redockKey = y allowPartAttach = true //false allowStaticAttach = true //false allowPartStack = true //false maxDistance = 45 grabMaxMass = 70
  8. hello, I was wondering if it would be worth bringing the deployable science modules from breaking grounds on my mission using RO-Kerbalism and if that was supported?
  9. I believe that the mechjeb file installed by mechjeb was broken. The one on curseforge worked perfectly, but the one on github didn't... odd.
  10. I installed them both via ckan for version 1.8.X, but a few mods were added by hand would you like me to upload my mm.dll file and share it? if so that is cool with me
  11. I'm gonna try to delete the cache when I get home, must've missed that the first time
  12. I verified the integrity of the cache (or whatever it is called) and I'm using 1.8.1... I guess the only solution might be starting from scratch
  13. Hi, I cant seem to get the mechjeb dropdown menu to appear. I've tried installing it manually, aswell as via ckan and it simply isn't working. Here is a copy of my ksp.log file, I hope somebody can show me what I am missing because I really would like to be able to use this mod in my new install... P.S. I am currently using Mechjeb version