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  1. Sorry for such a late reply have had a stupid amount of course work, anyway i really don't mind not having the new mk1-3 IVA in vens mk1-2, that said the middle one looks great as well, did you just cut out the windows from the mk1-3 IVA to fit onto vens mk1-2? .
  2. Turns out i got the wrong name for the pod, the pod i was meant to be talking about was the mk1-3 (which has been reworked). They renamed it from the mk 1-2.
  3. Hey, is there a way i can use the mk1 pod from this mods previous versions in the newer versions of ksp? The new stock one looks good but I've fallen in love with this mods verison.
  4. Sorry a stupid question but how does one use the 1.5 unofficial patch, i can't figure it out.
  5. Does anyone know any news regarding vens stock revamp for ksp 1.4. I'm dying to get stock actually looking nice again. Thanks
  6. Is MKS lite still being updated because usi looks a bit overwhelming right now, dont want to downgrade versions because i love the loud and clear update. Thanks

    1. RoverDude


      It's bundled with MKS - just turn off machinery wear and that entire mechanic is gone :wink:

    2. euaneac


      Thank you for the quick reply sorry I couldn’t be that quick 

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