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  1. The OP's solution worked absolute wonders for me. My install sounds similar to his with many mods. My main crash was when entering the vah or sph, maybe other buildings as well, but i didnt notice. After copying this file into the place he instructed, my crashing went from always in under an hour, usually much quicker, to i have only crashed once, and it was due to me coming in a little hot at 20 m/sec + vertical drop ( i didnt catch the exact number) with a plane and i bounced off the runway instead of blowing up. This instantly caused some physics error. Ive enjoyed 4+ hours
  2. I play KSP 1.5.1 i use Kopernicus because that is what ckan installed for me.   what is Kopernicus  Would there be any reason that i would want to update to this?

  3. I fired up Ckan and saw there was an update for Kopernicus. Im running KSP 1.5.1 and have been playing this instance for several years now. I use GrannusExpansionPack but have never reached this new solar system yet. Would there be any reason for me to upgrade Kopernicus to its latest version for 1.5.1 or should i just leave it alone. My concerns are that i dont want to reach this new solar system and have it bugged up or not working or something. I dont know personally if my current version works since i have never made it to the new system yet. Anyone have any advise for me
  4. Using fuel cells causes the problem for me. As long as I don't use them, the bug doesn't occur.
  5. Woj

    Making Mods

    Thanks for the advice everyone. I started looking at the .cfg files. can anyone tell me what the format that these files are in is called? In the file I find things like this "allowCrewHelmet = false" Where is allowcrewhelmet defined and what are items like this named. What I mean is allowcrewhelmet called a parameter or a variable or what? I can assume what it means pretty easy but how does the game know what to do with it. Also, where would you find what other choices other than "false" are valid for entry here. I also found .mu and .dds What are these called and
  6. Hi all, Where would someone start if they wanted to make a mod for kerbal? Some sort of science module for example, like an infrared telescope. Is there any documentation for making mods that anyone knows of. Thanks in advance!
  7. I don't know anything about these mods though id love to learn. I have been writing code for a living for years, but in the industrial automation field which isn't really similar to game code. Im a space nut too (4 telescopes), but Its this issue with kopernicus that brings me here. This issue with kopernicus not being able to chose the proper star to face solar panels towards. In my field, when there is no sensors or feedback for the control system to make a multiple choice decision, a control list selector is made for operations to make a manual selection instead of letting the c
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