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  1. I did notice the first time after installing the mod it reverted to 0 then afterwards it was like I'll try that! Do you just put 0 in the launch to plane of target or do you also put 0 in the inclination right below the altitude?
  2. I've heard mechjeb has like a craft learning ability... Not sure if that's true or not..but it's strange that it works on the first launch...woohoo...go back in and relaunch...nope, doesn't work correct anymore. I almost think it's a mod compatIbility issue...i think I still need the principia mod so I'll see what that does to mechjeb along with a new install of the mod... I mean it's not the end of the world.. I can eyeball it but I'd rather let the computer do it... Lol
  3. Definitely encountering a bug of some sort... I installed the latest version of mechjeb on my 1.7.2 build. Assent guidance into the plane of the moon works for the first launch...then I go to redo it and it launches on its own plane and not the one of the selected target (the moon).... It's warping to the launch time and then it doesn't match the plane of the moon... Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Does anyone know how to edit the config of the Falcon 9 first stage full thrust booster? I'm not sure how compatible the mod is with realism overhaul on 1.7x but I've got it running but the strange thing is the block 3 booster has a higher realfuels capacity than the block 4. Plus there isn't a block 5 version either... not sure where I'm going wrong. The block 3 is slightly shorter and has like 403kl of volume available for fuel whereas the block 4 has 388kl of volume for fuel... I've tried editing the config file (F92_S1FuelTank.cfg) but any change I make to the: RESOURCE { name = LiquidFuel amount = 287400 maxAmount = 287400 } RESOURCE { name = Oxidizer amount = 123500 maxAmount = 123500 doesn't change the actual volume in the game... Not sure where I'm going wrong. The TWR is around 1.5 without a payload in the game and IRL I believe its around 1.2-1.3 so basically after I hit 2:30 into my flight I don't have enough fuel to RTLS. Plus the strange thing is the RCS thruster for the booster uses MMH and MON or something of that should be Nitrogen. Should I reinstall this mod??? Seems a tad off. Thanks all! 1.7 with realism overhaul has got me back into the game again! 1.3.1 was getting old with the mods not working properly!
  5. Hey guys! I'm having an issue with rss ro and I'm not sure this is the mod that's effecting it. I'm pretty sure it is. This is only true of least that I have attempted, moon is great. My atmosphere distance is incorrect. Meaning after I crash into the ground I still am like 8000m above the surface according to the altimeter at the top of my screen. I also crash into the surface way to fast and I enter the atmosphere so late I'm passing through it at like 20000m above the surface... Seems way off. What's the best way to go about fixing this? Anyone else have this issue?
  6. OK I'll give it a try tomorrow. I already have the f9 and dragon/dragon2 I just want this freaking starship and run through the launch - refuel - tli injection - moon - back.
  7. Will the latest version of this mod (bfr/starship) work with rss ro in 1.3.1???? Id like to do some feasibility tests to see what this starship is made of but my version of rss ro is perfect right now for 1.3.1
  8. So the deep star skybox is great. However, it's too bright in the game. For a more realistic view I feel it needs to be about 75% there any way to mod the texture files to make it darker? Any free programs thatll do this?
  9. Couple of earth relayed questions!! I'm on ksp rss/ro and I'm using the correct eve and everything works correctly. I'm trying to tweak some of the visual settings to give a more realistic look... 1. City lights do not work at all. I've tried different alpha maps and everything. Looks like the actual file for the city lights dark is almost completely black and no lights at all... Sorta like this... Instead in game it's just completely dark. 2. I'm trying to create the earth glow effect and it seems to be very faint on the edges currently. I'm not sure what settings I need to tweak to increase this value. I try to switch them in game and haven't found the config that'll increase the glow. This image is what I'm talking about. The blue atmospheric glow I'm using rss/ro and the rssve mod so I'm not sure if it has to be tweaked in the eve folder or assuming since eve references rssve folder I need to look there... Im guessing some files need added...
  10. I'm having an issue where the atlas V works great but once I start to add srb's the rocket becomes unstable and I can't ever reach orbit...even with kerbalizing the rocket with many wings to try and fix the assent turbulence... Im guessing I need to fix the gimbal on the srb's or add some sort of fake gimbal range to the srb's because the rd180 doesn't have enough gimbal to offset any inconsistency in the thrust vector of the srb's????
  11. So something I'm not always sure of with mods and version compatability is backwards compatability. I'm using rss/ro 1.3.1 and I've got the version of tu for 1.3.1 but I'm wondering if the later versions will still run in 1.3.1 with the additional enhancements???? If it's screwed up do I just delete the folder and download the supported version with my game?
  12. I believe it's with all the engines... Do I need to assign the last part meaning the spacecraft as the root object and also assign an engine ID to the engine? I'm trying to get the lh2 rl10 to work.
  13. I'm encountering an issue where after I launch to orbit it seems my craft no longer has engine gimbal... anyone encounter that? What am I missing here? I can only control my vehicle via RCS or the very weak reaction wheels...
  14. It works except for the fact that I had to put a cube Sat probe in the dragon v2 module...and the v2 doesn't have the Draco thrusters installed...I may have to figure out a way to fit them on... Docking port doesn't work with normal Docking ports in ksp though that comes with the dragon capsule...just an fyi