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  1. Am I overlooking the obvious? No discussion around MM not being available for 1.7.0 yet. Can't say as I have ever seen a delay in MM being available for a new release.
  2. PLEASE do!!! I wholeheartedly agree that this tool is "essential" to game play. Beyond belief that this functionality is not native to the game and that there is no alternative to this single offering from NavyFish. This has been a mainstay in my toolbox and fortunately still works despite module managers warnings, but is inevitable that it will eventually cease to work if someone with the skills does not keep it going.
  3. Since the last update, Basic Orbit refuses to show the Phase Angle in the "Target" information display. "VERSION":{ "MAJOR":1, "MINOR":0, "PATCH":7, "BUILD":1 }, If I revert to "BUILD":0 then it works as it should.