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  1. AH! I found it! and it works like a charm! Kind of unfortunate that that setting is not mentioned anywhere though... Not here nor on AFBWs page, even though they work great together... Is there a downside of using that Compatibility option or why is it not enabled by default? I'm just curious. Would probably help some people and circumvent a lot of hassle and repetitive questions.
  2. I'm not sure on which mod to post this, but I have noticed that the Fly-By-Wire Moderation Autopilot isn't working when I control the aircraft via the Joystick controls introduced by this mod: Is there a possibility for a patch, or is the error not on your end? the Autopilot works fine as long as I use the normal WASD keys, so I know that it basically works, but it doesn't register the inputs made by that mod. PS: AMAZING work btw. I'm probably one of the (apparently not so) few people that hardly build rockets in KSP and love to fly around in my IVA. And getting rid of the giggly controls and dead stops in the air cause you pulled to hard on your stick feels so much better!
  3. I'd love to install the Kargantua mod, could you explain what files I'd need from that zip file to put into my game data folder to make all the shaders etc work correctly? I've downloaded all the newest versions of EVE and scatterer, but I'm unsure about the other folders in that pack.
  4. @alexustas Might I ask how you are modifying IVAs ? are you using the Part Tools to import the stock files into Unity or are you doing something different entirely? Because I have problems importing existing IVAs into Unity to change them or modify them to my own needs, like with ASET props and RPM screens. So if you have a little tip or something like that, it would be really appriciated! I love flying planes and IVAs and being able to raise the quality of some cockpits would be really nice
  5. So, a little story: I was building around with some modded parts building some planes. During that time, I thought to myself: "Hey, those IVAs that I downloaded, that uses ASET-Props or RasterPropMonitor-Screens, look pretty cool, why not try to implement some of those features into some other cockpits that could need some love!" So, here am I, installing Unity and Blender, setting up a new Project in Unity, installing the newest Part Tools. After looking up some Tutorials and watching some videos, getting some understanding how to create new IVAs, and then I thought: "Hey, changing some given IVAs can't be too hard, right? just search for it in the Part Tools menu and click spawn" yeah... well... turns out it loads, but not fully. it can't find some textures that are clearly there, and also is doesn't seem to find some props that are also clearly there. I am using the newest unity software (2017.1.1) so if anyone has an idea, that would be nice. until then I am going to install Unity 5.4.0 and try again. maybe that helps... EDIT : Untiy 5.4.0 didn't help either. same problem: the basic frame loads but is missing all textures. also things like seat_pilot and StorageBagA or similar are loading wrong and throwing errors