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  1. I had not looked up Scott in a while and did a quick peruse of his channel. This is a great video about a shuttle many have forgotten about. PS. That landing looked a lot like my usual in KSP!
  2. The problem is not so much the suspension as it is that (at least on a PC keyboard) turning the wheels is an all or nothing proposition. Any real car will flip if doing fifty mph with grippy tires if you turn the wheel quickly all the way to lock. This is also compounded if you forget to disable steering for the rear set of wheels. My most successful rover uses thrust and landing gear wheels. I can lower the friction control without losing uphill traction. The downside is fuel, of course. All that said, I think on low-gravity bodies it will always be a challenge. My other solution is to stick some thrusters to the top of the vehicle to generate downforce. Here is the example from an older challenge. The rover bit starts around 4 minutes.
  3. This was a great video. Thanks for the amazing content. I probably should not do this, but I have to give vent to a pet peeve. There seems to be a new trend in documentary that we cannot hold a static shot on an interview subject for more than 2 seconds. What Tom Vinita says is really interesting. I want to focus on his words or on the actual game footage. I don't want to see Tom at a distance, then slightly closer, then from the side then back to a full shot. Likewise, why does Paige Ketchum keep jumping from a midshot to a closeup? It is distracting. Just let her talk for goodness' sake. This video is not by any means unique in this manner. I've seen if everywhere from Youtubers to even PBS, but it is trend that just needs to go. Signed: KSP-loving old coot (who used to work in documentary television and has done a bit of editing in his time).
  4. It follows all the rules except the title of the challenge itself.
  5. Of course you can! Just remember the rules: at least 10 parts, and no part may be used more than once. That includes symmetrical parts as well. If you use a left wing, you cannot use the equivalent right side. Same with landing gear. Some later submissions have neglected that rule. I look forward to your creation
  6. We used to do these. You use pins or toothpicks to support them. From a distance it looks great.
  7. Are you sure about this? I bet she beats him arm wrestling any day.
  8. An anomaly. A super-dense planet with 1/10 the diameter of Gilly and twice the gravity of Eve. Scientists have been arguing for years about how this is possible. Despite it's small size, it's atmosphere extends up to 100,000 meters. Almost a gas giant, but not quite.
  9. It is KSP. It is assumed you will be doing this in orbit.
  10. If the author is AWOL, there is probably a very good reason. @katateochi was always excellent at responding. Unfortunate, but I am guessing there are bigger real life issues. I am thankful for an amazing mod that has been supported for so long.
  11. I was just thinking yesterday how this is the best online forum I have ever been on. I was thinking that while checking the Black Magic forum as another question posted about DaVinci Resolve went unanswered. To create a place where people feel welcome, are not made to feel dumb for asking questions, where people leap to assist, where debate is okay but bullying is not ... : that requires a lot of work, but also leadership. It requires a culture from the top that values community and is willing to do the enforcement work to keep it running smoothly. In many ways, this forum is the customer service desk for KSP, and that service is great. There are plenty of folks with amazing technical skills but that is not enough. I never would have stayed with KSP were it not for this community. To nurture it requires people skills. So thanks for helping steer this ship so so well.
  12. I learned about this wonderful interview from a posting by @Master39. I thought it warranted its own thread. It is 92 minutes long (though I downloaded it and listened to it at 2x because I usually do that with these things). Some really good stuff in here. http://forum.purdueseds.space/pspodcast/episode2/
  13. Thanks for the link. I had not heard of it and it was really good. I'm going to highlight that on its own thread.
  14. A heated debate? Interesting. What is there to get heated about? It does not seem like the type of thing to elicit strong reactions.
  15. I'm 51 years old. I truly, truly want to live long enough to see a Cassini-like mission to Uranus and Neptune. Those missions keep getting shunted aside. Okay, that's two, but I group the ice giants together.
  16. I was in third grade when the first photos of Jupiter were sent from Voyager. That was pretty mind blowing. And I was no less intrigued decades later to see Pluto up close. I just hope I live long enough for another Cassini-like mission to Neptune and Uranus--I reckon there are some amazing images waiting to be taken.
  17. @gussi111's thread Underwater Colonies got me to thinking about a few things beyond colonies per se. Rather than get off topic, I thought I would start a new one. One of the less believable aspects of KSP (which granted, considering what I usually construct, is an odd statement) is the way water works. Not only in the sense that nearly everything floats, even steel girders, but also that air-breathing jets work underwater. It would be nice to have dedicated water-jets and props that are unlocked for underwater exploration. While my hydrofoil looks kinda cool with its submerged afterburning panthers, it really does not make a whole lot of sense. https://kerbalx.com/Klapaucius/Irving-88-Passenger-Hydrofoil
  18. True, but I have always preferred stock or DLC for parts--it just makes it easier for craft sharing and means that things don't break on updates.
  19. I always thought expanded underwater options would have been a great DLC for KSP1. This seems like the perfect way to implement it in KSP2. There will be a lot of folks who will not be interested, but it would be a great boon for those of us who are. I have no problems with a limited number of DLCs for things like this.
  20. I would hope that most of this stuff is built on site using resources and blueprints. I could see something inspired by Subnautica, but done in a more realistic manner in which modular parts are combined to make large structures. What is required to do so are resources.
  21. In the current version of KSP, once a part has been attached using radial symmetry, say 4x, it is near impossible to attach something else to the same parent part with a different number. While there are work-arounds (attach something in 4X twice to get 8X and then attach another item at 4X) there is no good way to have a 4X and 3X symmetry on the same parent part. Furthermore, trying to combine radial and mirror is often not workable--sometimes it is doable, but it is not consistently doable. So I would just like to see symmetry reworked under the hood so that these conflicts do not arise.
  22. I've been thinking about this. Most of my time in KSP has been in sandbox mode. I have enjoyed challenges and creating weird craft with no limitations. However, currently I am doing my first career playthrough after all these years. Since I started KSP just when Making History came out, I have been to all the planets and moons and played around in different environments using Mission Builder. I have no regrets, but I wonder if I may spend the first year just in a career mode, allowing myself to discover things as they come. I realize that Nate Simpson has said some things will need to be unlocked regardless, but I am thinking of the whole game in totality here. How do others plan to approach it?
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