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  1. Klapaucius's post in Tips on building airliners? was marked as the answer   
    As @bewing said, use autostruts.  Wobbly wings are almost a given without them on larger craft.  The plane is overpowered as others have said, but if your goal is aesthetic and you want it to look like a four-engine jet, that is okay. You can just back off on the thrust.  You can keep them under the wing, but again, autostrut the engines as you do the wings.
    Your center of lift issue can be solved a couple of ways. Moving the wings and/or putting some canards on the nose of the aircraft--like on this photo of a Tu-144:
    I would also reduce the sweep of those wings. That is very radical for that type of plane. Align the inside edge parallel to the fuselage, and the natural sweep built into the part will be sufficient. That will also bring your center of lift foward a bit.
    As for "huge torque", can you elaborate?  Are you veering off the runway, starting to roll over on takeoff or just finding it very twitchy in flight?

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