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  1. So after a long hiatus, I present the Resolution, updated for KSP 1.4! yes shuttles are out of style now, but I still love them so here's another! Meticulously rebalanced all around: - Uses new 1.4 parts for proper size ratios between ET/Shuttle/boosters - Solved SAS launch oscillation (was due to change in stability algorithms or something, since the control nodes are always offset from the centre of mass it was messing up badly) - Fully certified for 36T of cargo with zero modifications. Just load her up and go. Hope you all enjoy!
  2. Why do so many people think this? Look up shuttles on KerbalX like Inigmas STS, or my Shuttle Resolution. No tricks, they look pretty authentic, and they launch, orbit and even re-enter and fly well. Its challenging, but that's the point!
  3. I can't seem to resist doing these STS challenges =p For STS-1b full stock, via my Shuttle Resolution https://kerbalx.com/Naito/Space-Shuttle-Resolution---NASA-Replica (KOS plugin is installed, but was not used for this challenge) AP: 802,442m PP: 802,428m Full album: https://imgur.com/a/ziUS3
  4. So apparently MechJeb for 1.2 isn't out yet? Can you link me which build you're using so I can give it a try?
  5. I updated the official version on KerbalX to 1.2, but I still have a copy of the old 1.1.3 version if you want it. Uploaded to KerbalX here: https://kerbalx.com/crafts/20754
  6. I actually don't know how MechJeb controls while docking, didn't know if you could just select a docking port and it'll just pick a control or something. Sorry I really should try MechJeb more. I mentioned the other control points mainly to make sure you aware of them during other flight modes, you're right while docking you obviously should control from the docking port. I wonder if MechJeb would be able to dock better if the docking port was placed nearer the CG. That should be near the rear quarter of the payload bay. Maybe give that a try? Haven't had a chance to fly today, I
  7. Love the wings. I was looking to upgrade my ET with a fairing enclosed one like yours to better match the size ratios between the ET/Orbiter/SRBs too, yours look great!
  8. Hmm, I've never used MechJeb to dock, so I'm not sure. I've heard MechJeb tends to be very RCS heavy though. I suspect MechJeb has a couple problems auto-docking: 1 the orbiter isn't PERFECTLY balanced when adjusting attitude or translating with RCS. I tried to place the jets where the real orbiter has them, and unfortunately the KSP thrusters are sometimes too big to fit in the right locations without being a bit off, which causes them to induce some unwanted torques. It's usually small enough that it's not a problem (for me anyway), but if MechJeb tends to get a little RCS hap
  9. Made a major RCS fix. Since I rather pride myself on how balanced this shuttle is without SAS crutches, I was pretty appalled to discover just how bad the RCS was. Well that's fixed now, RCS translations and attitude changes now impart a very minimal of unwanted motions thanks to the RCS Build Aid (why didn't I use this before!?).
  10. Made a small update to use new KSP 1.2 parts and features. * Redesigned external Airlock, now seats 7 Kerbals! * K-Band Antenna * More RCS tweaks * Utilizes KSP 1.2 Rigid Attachment options for sturdier construction Download here: https://kerbalx.com/crafts/14202
  11. Just a bump now that 1.2 is out.....and Shuttle Resolution is certified compatible! New SAS does make it a bit twitchier though. Will have to tinker with that when I get a chance.
  12. That's awesome! Just those little tweaks made that look so much more impressive than the stock. Now if only we could get mods that'll make the game look like that.....and hopefully not melt my computer in the process =D Always glad to hear people like flying these things, glad you're enjoying it! Mind if I use that as the poster pic for the KerbalX download?
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