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    Flying After Dying

    Flying After Dying The Intro It was just another day at the Kerbal Space Center. Bill and Bob were playing cards on top of the monolith, Valentina was doing flybys near the control tower. Suddenly, there was a loud banging on the door to the admin building. Stormy clouds rolled in. From inside the building, the secretary who went by the name of Elidon came to the door to open it. She did not know who the mysterious kerbal standing at the door was. He said that he was looking for a job as a pilot. Elidon was quite happy to hear this because one of their recent pilots had gone poof. His name was Neldon Kerman. After Elidon had talked to this strange kerbal for a little while, she learned that his name was Jebediah Kerman. What a strange name thought Elidon. 20 years in the future. The crew was working on a new mission to explore the bottom of the ocean near the 2nd island by the old airfield. Rumor has it that there was a cave down there. But that's not why they were so eager to find this cave. It was because there was a Kraken egg hidden in the cave. What mysteries would this egg uphold? Nobody knew.