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  1. Hey, I am starting to think that this contest isn't going anywhere, the judge hasn't been on in over a week and I posted two aircraft nearly two months ago and neither has been judged. This is getting old.
  2. I know its none of my business, and I have a bit of a biased perspective (being I am currently making my own seaplane), but I don't think a video can accurately portray a plane, not to mention difficulty in finding its range. Videos disguise the faults of planes. I don't think they should be used as a form of submission. It is ultimately up to @Mjp1050, but I think this should be taken into concideration. Side note: I have discovered I am the only one who can see my current pictures i'm going to fix that soon. Edit: Fixed pictures
  3. You need to look in "saves" than the game you made it in's name, than "ships", than "sph", and it should be in there.
  4. Kerman and Kerman aviation is proud to submit its second medium range Aircraft: the Kerman Stingray! We have decided that what amounted to (lets be honest) manipulating unbalanced seat rules, we have decided to submit The kerman stingray is something more in the spirit of the contest. (Note that this does NOT mean that the kerman Dove is dropping out). The Kerman stingray is capable of taking 72 comfy passengers anywhere on Kerban. the fuel efficient engines are perfect for less commonly traveled routs. It is a stable flier able to go long ranges with very little input. Some features include: Long range, a coffee machine, windows, and a young child kicking your seat.* Take off speed:75 m/s Cruising alt: 3000 m Crusing speed: 242 m/s Range: All of Kerban Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3k09ft9jrmgup8e/Kerman Stingray.craft?dl=0 *Not included in aircraft, but guaranteed in flight
  5. Kerman & Kerman aviation is proud to present: The Kerman Dove: Abel to reach anywhere on kerban with 128 comfortable passengers, the dove is one of the most advanced aircraft on the market. The modular system allows this plane to fit any need that may arise, from cargo, to extra fuel, to scientific equipment, it can do it all, and all interchangeable within hours, and the unique passenger ejection system ensures a near 100% survival rate for any in air accidents. well its price of may seem like a lot, lets check how it does in the categories required: Range of at least 1500km: our personal estimates have put it at the capacity to reach anywhere on kerban: Better than needed! Cruising Speed of at least 240 m/s: We an hit 241.2 m/s: What is needed! At minimum 72 Passengers: can carry 96 passengers: Better than needed! Some may say that the part number of parts may be expensive to maintain (coming in at 78), however we are sure it will make up for it in the lack of lawsuits, not to mention lower insurance cost. It leans a little right on takeoff, but it can be easily corrected. It is meant to be flown in between 1200 and 3000 meters. Downloads: Main: https://www.dropbox.com/s/36qizi62fgewx35/Kerman Dove.craft?dl=0 Modules: Cargo module: https://www.dropbox.com/s/frglq96wxwn3be5/Cargo moduler system.craft?dl=0 Passenger module: https://www.dropbox.com/s/24f0g57iqfsb1g7/Passenger moduler system.craft?dl=0 Fuel module: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ovx8euiihbcssyn/Fuel moduler system.craft?dl=0 Science module: Custom made by you!
  6. How do I insert pictures into comments? Edit: figured it out.
  7. Na, just raise them to cruising altitude and cut all the engines.
  8. I have discovered that the Mk3 Passenger module is the most expensive thing in history.