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  1. Excuse me guys, apparently I’ve missed something, why is everybody saying it’s ok to share their username? (I mean, it’s ok to share mine too)
  2. Dude, first of all calm down. Second, I had already seen a big amount of posts of this thread on Reddit and other platforms, for example @Tinem's pictures have been so popular on Reddit (he's u/DJOzmanMJ) that the official Kerbal Space Program Twitter account has tweeted them (for a good reason, they're insanely cool). So keep calm and let the judges decide. Without all the images that were created before this competition, this thread wouldn't be so rich of great content. My two drawings aren't really good because I'm not a competent artist, but I would be very disappointed not to see in the game all the great stuff that all the talented people like DJOzmanMJ are uploading, even if they had created it before. Third, sorry for my wonky English.
  3. Another art I've done and posted on Reddit, this time I've actually remastered some bits. Inspired by cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova.
  4. Here it is a drawing I made a while ago and originally posted on Reddit, now resized to fit the rules. Inspired by astronaut Karen Nyberg.
  5. Love the effort for the poll! The results are quite similar to how I actually voted, the community sure knows what the game needs and I’m glad that the devs are actually fans of the first game and part of this community. I also want to add a thing to the devs, since I’ve just tried for the first time Simple Rockets 2 and the performance tab is very prominent in this poll. You guys have to aim to those graphics and performance, and possibly make it better. They’re using the same engine, you can optimize the game and make it pretty like that, if not more. Right now, the pre-alpha gameplay’s framerate is... wonky (but you have all the time to optimize it). Part of it is probably because of the flexible joints kept from KSP1, while Simple Rockets 2 doesn’t have them (and it’s great imo). It would be great to have the option to turn them off and gain a lot of performance. Guys, try that game, make experiments with the procedural parts and bring some of that to KSP2. We believe in you, Star Theory!
  6. Thanks for the thread! I’ll definitely try your custom configs. One suggestion in case you want to make some higher resolution pics: last time I tried the built-in supersampling mode, the pixels were kinda blurry if you zoomed in. This mod instead takes perfect high res shots: https://spacedock.info/mod/1029/Bolt-On%20Screenshot%20System%20(BOSS)%20Continued It should be very good in case you want to make some 4K wallpapers instead of 1080. However last time I used it I had to change some keys in the config file to avoid conflicts with other stuff.
  7. I’m not a tech person, I have no clue if OP can fix or it doesn’t depend on him. I’ve seen a problem, I’ve reported it.
  8. Hello, I think the SpaceDock link is broken. 500 Internal Error.
  9. Hello, I have a question about the Ghidorah Heavy: is it normals for the boosters to decouple weirdly, giving a random spin to the core? I've tried everything to avoid that, apparently the boosters clip a bit with the core and when they decouple they apply some kind of force to the center. This behavior indeed disappears if I make them 'float' far away from the core. This happens both with the new decoupler and with stock decoupler (also note that I use a mod that nerfs reaction wheels). What should I do to have a clean separation? Thanks in advance!
  10. Hello, guys, I was wondering if the next update of TRR will support the new suits of the DLC and if it's possible for modders and modelers to create different suits, and not just modifying textures.
  11. Thank you very much. If you need logs from a different computer or you want another computer to test your builds let me know and consider me available. Also, I don't understand if I'm using DoF wrong or if it's just a work in progress. In this picture, the object is near the camera but it's completely blurred; then look at the asphalt and how it's blurred, it's like there's no transition. Also, the DoF has a bad behavior in IVAs, as visible here.
  12. Hello, I don't know if you haven't managed to fix it yet (even because I don't find it in the changelog), but still, the dirty lenses are not working. If you haven't fixed them yet, sorry for bothering you, I'll wait for the fix. If you can see them, let me know so I'll upload a log.
  13. Thank you for that and good luck with the rewrite! Will the next release be a normal update, fixing the lenses, or will it be the actual rewrite? I forgot to show you a cinematic that I've done using KS3P, it's the trailer for a school thesis for my final exam.
  14. Some new stuff for you! Amy Shira Kerman, from Vintage Space Program! Kelsea Kerman-Wessels, from Kerbin From Space (KSA)! A Kerbal SLS my grandfather asked me to do for his fridge! A remake of @Kokoro's cute profile pic! A cinematic trailer for a KSP presentation for my final exam! But most importantly, @Atubara and I have created KerbalCulture, a subreddit dedicated to Kerbal art, science, culture, society, economy, and politics. Join the discussion and share your ideas! (Drawn on paper by @Atubara, edited by me with Photoshop.)
  15. Hello, I have to report an issue. Using KS3P 3.1 I don't have lens flares in flight, but just in the Space Center menu and in VAB/SPH. I've also tried to increase the visibility number in the config file but it didn't work. However, using KS3P 2.0 I can see them. In another install of KSP (using RSS) the problem was the same but was apparently fixed by adding a Galileo Sunflare (that sadly doesn't fix the problem in the Stock System install). Here's the log. Thank you in advance!
  16. Hello, I inform you all that apparently Spacedock works fine again. Just downloaded a spacedock mod with CKAN and then visited the site and it was just fine.
  17. Hello. Since yesterday something in Spacedock’s website has expired (at least in my country). I can connect to Spacedock using my browser and adding an exception but CKAN cannot download or update anything from Spacedock, giving an error. I’d give you the precise error if only it was in English but it should be something about trust and SSL/TLS. I’d like to know if this Spacedock’s expired thing is just a problem of mine or if it’s a common issue worldwide, and how to solve it. Thank you in advance.
  18. Can confirm as well. A strange thing that also happens is that I see the dirty lens when I'm in the space center menu, but if I enter the VAB or launch a vessel I can't see it anymore; the other effects should be probably working, it's hard to tell even because I'm even using Spectra at the same time. If you need screenshots or log, tell me and I'll provide them.
  19. Thanks for your interest! Yeah, I don't know why they haven't officially updated it yet, but here's an unofficial update that makes the game show the missing parts in 1.3.1. It's basically perfect, no warnings when you run the game and no bugs. I have used it since 1.3.1 came out and I have nothing bad to report. I hope they'll update it on CKAN soon!
  20. This mod looks fantastic! Very good models, textures, and animations. I have a question: are you planning to make this compatible with Kerbalism?
  21. I hope this is what you're looking for. Installed via CKAN with only the dependencies and High Res Clouds, but I've installed manually Module Manager (2.8.1). The reason is that after updating to 3.0.0 I had a bad glitch: everything was in the shade even in front of the sun. After many days trying to figure out why it happened (and now it happens even with MM 2.8.1) and how to fix it, I couldn't do anything, so I guess I'll wait for GPP to be updated on CKAN. If you need a log or other folders of the game tell me and I'll upload those as well. Cheers!
  22. Hi, could I ask if GPP is going to be updated to the latest version on CKAN? Last version appears to be 1.5.3. P.S.: Thank you @Galileo for this great work!
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