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  1. That was some pretty awesome flying
  2. Sun-Guardian

    How does Gravity exist?

    I can't wait till mankind finds out how a black hole truly works, because if mass has gravity, and nothing escapes the gravitational pull of a black hole... that's some serious mass!
  3. I've been desperate enough to use RCS to finish my orbit burn... then I just use an Eva kerbals to get re-entry paths.
  4. Sun-Guardian

    What is the most HORRIBLE way one of your kerbals died

    I was fairly new to the game and upon departure from the mun I somehow tapped a single key too many times and the key lock window popped up while at the same time locking my vessels direction. So as I frantically cancelled out of the window to get back into the game my vessel proceeded to loop continuously while gaining too much speed. In a last ditch effort to save poor Jeb I angled the vessel back to the mun with what little fuel I had left. Once I ran out I had a flight path that intercepted the ground but at well over escape velocity speeds. needless to say I pointed Jeb's head to the ground and hoped for the best. Jeb bounced... and never saw another celestial body again.
  5. Sun-Guardian

    Multiple KSP Installs

    Just 2 right now. I always forget to create a new one to test mods so I end up having to wipe and clean install.