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  1. Question about depletable resources. I've searched and read, and the last I found was that it was implemented in the old stock, but bugged, and since it was never part of the official release, it was never fixed. Is there any plan to move forward with making planetary resources depletable? On the one hand, obviously, the amount of resource on a planet or moon is unlikely to be impacted by a few spaceships mining, but I imagine that easily accessible resources might be quite limited (stuff you could just pick up near the surface using simple mining equipment coming on a spaceship... I also think it would make the gameplay more interesting to have to move your drill points once in a while? Is it something that could be created in a mod?
  2. Hi there, Jokes about climate change aside, I understand that people are bored with the whole "Flood at KSC" posts, does anyone recognise this problem and know how to fix it... Here is one example of what goes wrong... https://imgur.com/a/MGa9b I am running KSP 1.2.2 with RO and RSS and principia. Its not a show-stopper, the game doesn't crash, and it only happens 50% of the time, but its kinda annoying. Sometimes if I go into the tracking center and come back out it fixes it, sometimes it creates it. This is one version of the bug, at other times it seems the buildings dip below the ground. The most annoying thing about it is that I can't easily click on the buildings to enter them, I have to track around with the mouse and "find" the active spot, which is not always where it should be... I changed sites to the one on the north coast of south america to enable equatorial launches... Many thanks
  3. Please can someone explain how to make principia (Чебышёв) play nicely with Realism Overhaul for ksp 1.2.2 I was blown away seeing the multi-body gravity modelling, and it hit me viscerally that we don't live in a cute predictable universe, a deep shift in my felt awareness which I don't normally get from playing games, so thank you for this amazing mod. I have the same problem with bouncy moon landings described a few posts up, and tried "force stop" principia described above, but it didn't help. If I remove Principia and reload the game before landing, it did seem to be better... I understand that the problem is something to do with "timewarp limit below surface" and that its fixed in RSS for 1.3, but not being a technophile, I don't know how to "download the latest configs from GitHub to get the fix", and the RO update for 1.3 still seems a while off. Again, thanks for the amazing work on this mod, its very exciting. Now I just wait for RealISRU to get taken up by someone... *smile* Thanks to everyone in the community that supports this amazing project!
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