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  1. Any solution to this? I found this thread after hitting up CKAN and downloading and installing KSP to my new gaming laptop. Hadn't played in a while but am hoping a fresh install of everything will work. Anyway to add the old scatter then?
  2. Liked the idea of this mod but threw it in and couldn't figure out how to implement it. Brought up the menus but browsed the documentation and seems very convoluted.
  3. I used CKAN for the mod and it really looks like it's going to be fun as I use it in my career mode. Anyone know where theres a guide for it? Maybe it's my google but I'm having issues trying to find something. Also want to know what I can tweak etc. Thanks!
  4. If you're in early career mode I'd advise against it. I found once you do something all your good contracts revolve around that. I'd suggest just getting to orbit then picking up a lot of pax missions. Then after building up some cash hit the mun orbit and do pax missions for that. I'd take 24 pax at a time and get over $2mil a pop.
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