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  1. Kerbalism was the problem. I switched to version 2.1.2 and now (apparently) the calculations are correct. Thank you to everyone who answered me!
  2. 2.2.0 I tried to remove water; oxygen; nitrogen and food. But the numbers between KER and KSP are different. They are also different from yours numbers.
  3. I did another test with a simpler rocket (3 pieces). All pieces are in their original scales, but the KER does not show the same mass as the KSP. Image: https://imgur.com/a/G1dJkQe Any idea?
  4. As far as I can remember, I did not do that. But I will try again with a new rocket and put the result.
  5. Friends, I am still learning to use this mod and I have doubts about TWR. I'm using the "LV-T45" to raise a mass of "10.8 tons". KER says my TWR will be "2.09 (3.74)" in the "atimosphere". But the calculation I learned, says another result: 167.969 / (10.8 * 10) = 1.555 Am I missing something? I try to take off this rocket, but it does not rise fast enough. * I am using version for KSP 1.6.1 extracted from this link: https://github.com/jrbudda/KerbalEngineer/releases * Follows an image: https: //imgur.com/a/d0GvMzY * Leveraging: Can someone tell me what the number in parentheses means?
  6. I am aware of this possibility. So I will let the reversion activated yes, but I will only use it in case of bugs. I had made another package previously with kerbalism on the hard. I liked the difficulty. I'm the type to play that although it does not know the game, prefers already to start in the most difficult way - even if it takes more time to complete. In addition, without the biological needs (food, water, oxygen), trips that last for years do not seem right. Now a simple orbital mission in Kerbin should be well planned. Thank you for your response. But I'm more interested in what setting to use when starting the game. Which money modifiers and search should I use.
  7. Friends, I mounted a package with several mods (list down), prioritizing the reality and so I imagine that the game became more difficult. I played KSP without modifications just enough to land on Mun and I've already started to try the mods - so I have no time parameter for "things" to happen. I will play in the HARD where it will not be allowed to redo actions and deaths will be final. What I want: A "realistic" enough setting for the game does not get too easy (or arcade). But do not make me do exactly the same thing 100 times. I want to feel a significant but not frustrating progress and learning curve. My main doubt is about the settings of money and science, but any other suggestion is welcome. Here is the list of mods. I tried to put the most relevant ones at the beginning with a brief description:
  8. I was able to solve it! By downloading from curseforge, I discovered that the latest version (1.6.6) also works on KSP 1.4.1. Problem solved!
  9. Friends, First of all I apologize for any spelling errors, I'm using google translator. I've mounted a package with several mods and although it has not yet played, then on the loading screen there is error information that seems to be related to this mod (follows print and log). I have not tested it yet, because I will play in hard mode and I do not want to spend hours to find out that my save will be lost. It is worth remembering that I am playing in KSP 1.4.1 and the leg of "Kerbal Planetary Base Systems" is 1.6.1. If you did not attach any files, please let me know. PRINT: https://imgur.com/a/7KH8MMu LOG: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AesIUk5PB2MUSlAhV2pUzoArupSOh4y5/view?usp=sharing Can someone help me with this error?
  10. I'm also having this problem. Anyone know if the mod is incompatible with ksp 1.3.1? If so, does anyone know when it will update?
  11. Game is closing with this mod. A log file is generated: I'm playing version 1.3. If this is the problem, I would like to know if an update is already foreseen, as I really want to use "CTT", but without your mod I do not accept to see empty nodes!
  12. Digamos que eu mande uma sonda até Muun e use o Mystery Goo em sua orbita e retorna esta mesma sonda até Kerbin (sem o Mystery Goo). Neste caso eu não vou recuperar os dados? Desculpe se estou sendo leigo. Eu não joguei muito o jogo padrão e já partir para mods.
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