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  1.[1.3] Maus Den Planet Pack Fixed Omeh's biome map and KSC.
  2. Faz um servidor no Discord pra esse mapa politico.
  3. are you sure you downgraded to 1.3.0? send a picture of the message.
  4. Screenshot do meu planet pack e, obviamente do meu cheatplane totalmente sem overkill.
  5. What happens when you try to open the game? Send the KSP.log to me.
  6. New update. Following the suggestion of @i like pizza. 1.1 Changelog: Added 3 new planets and moons, Tun'Zan, Kodus'Zan, Nan'Van. Changed Omeh's color and biome map. Removed Iridius Ring. Sorry guys, it was the ring or the moon. Better performance, converted textures to dds.
  7. Welcome to the Maus Den Planet Pack! Maus Den is a old solar system i made for a short sci-fi history i made. Then i decided to recreate it in KSP. It is my first planet pack, then please report any bugs you find! Dropbox 1.2 Spacedock Screenshots 1.1 (Omeh is not up to date on this album.) Description: Maus Den adds a totally new solar system with 4 planets, 1 dwarf planet and 6 moons. It's highly recommended that you make a new save. All planets have EVE, Scatterer and Distant Object configurations Compatible with Scatterer, EVE and Distant Object. Credits: @Gameslinx for inspiring me to make planet packs again. @Thomas P. for creating Kopernicus. Be sure to join the KSP Planet Modding discord server! This mod is licensed by Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs CC BY-NC-ND